Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kimberly Strassel writes in the Wall Street Journal about the whole pay for play scandal and the Democrat party. It seems that those lovely snow white Democrats are actually filthy dirty. And now we have the evidence on them. One of the worst is of course Hillary Clinton.


The access is on the previous page marked "Stolen WSJ Articles."

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a real piece of work. She has been the exact same person that she is now for many years.

Her first leap into the public spotlight was for a scandal labeled 'Travelgate' which crucified a poor public servant named Billy Dale in the interest of promoting Hillary's friends as White House consultants and service providers.

It was a three-year scandal starting in 1993 and was a precursor of the Clinton years, which featured government officials either directly or indirectly controlled by the Clintons. The entire time that Bill Clinton was in office was characterized by the scandal of the week.

This was the time during which the Friday afternoon data dump was developed to bury stories that the Clintons chose to be out of the spotlight. It was during this time that the Sunday news shows became enormously popular as news providers sought to show these stories.

And Billy Dale was eventually put out to pasture. As I remember it, he was screwed out of several years income, although he kept his government pension.

The Thomason family from Arkansas that the Clintons put in charge of the travel office became fabulously wealthy with their connections to the Clinton White House as a steppingstone to careers in TV productions of shows like 'Designing Women' and others. The Thomason's, were enormously talented, but the help from the Clintons cannot be denied.The Thomasons were not the only ones that the Clintons helped out in Hollywood. They were (both of them) shameless groupies, after all.

Peggy Noonan's editorial today centers on the 'Travelgate' fiasco, and Hillary's involvement in that. I stole that editorial from the Wall Street Journal. It may be found on the Wall Street Journal page link at the upper right.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

White working-class neighborhoods in cities such as Reading, Pa., beset by deepening social problems, are throwing their support behind Donald Trump. 

I just copied that capsule from an article in the Wall Street Journal. I think that it pretty nicely sums up the mood in this country right now.

We're sick of this, we're sick of political correctness, we're sick of Obama, we're sick of Hillary Clinton, we're sick of Democrats, and we're sick of all the bullshit that's being flung around by the Republican Party too.

That's why I think that Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I just posted an article from the Wall Street Journal which goes into about the right amount of detail involved in the Obama/Clinton foreign policy disaster. 

It is really hard to remember all the bad judgment, miscues, and all the other grievous mistakes that this pair is responsible for. Since Obama has been president, US prestige in the world community has sunk to a level below countries like Estonia, et. al., which at least maintain their pride.

I have been saying for years that Obama is doing this on purpose, aided and abetted by Hillary and company, that purpose being to bring the United States down to the level of European second-rate nations, embarrass us, and make this our due.

The trouble is that we don't even know the half of it. And we probably won't know the rest until those ticking time bombs sown on the international scene begin to go off.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Compulsory Health Care may be in the offing once again. Hillary Clinton's dream may be in store.

Obamacare has completely failed. I don't think anyone is interested in resurrecting that. But there is interest in Hillary Care, it seems. I have posted the article from the Wall Street Journal.

I apologize, I have not been able to make the user selection of the article into a smooth seamless process.


I'm still working on it. And it is now Thursday, and it's still broken. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rush Limbaugh today expounded upon the notion of Hillary's illness. He is of the opinion that she is very seriously ill, and he spent a large portion of his radio show illustrating a pretty convincing theory of his.

Honestly, though, I wonder how it will make any difference. Once Hillary's spinmeisters get through with any story, the people who support her will continue to, and the people who are against her will continue in their actions to defeat her.

That leaves the great unwashed (figuratively), the people in the middle. I am hearing that this group amounts to some 20% of those who will vote. There are a lot of ways to divvy that group up, and in most of those ways, Trump wins.

I certainly hope that's the case. For the sake of the country, I  hope that happens. This is not a scenario that can be argued. The Democrat version of the scenario leaves us open to takeover of our country by hostiles, whether they be Muslims, central Americans, Chinese, or rabid Swedish schodish dancers; the Democrats have no serious desire to secure our country. They have made that plain.

In point of fact, that particular point is not up for argument. At least it was not in contention during the last eight years. There must be a drastic departure from the Obama vision of handing over all our technology and wealth to Iran.

A quick study of the difference between where our policies are now and where our policies were at the end of the Bush administration reveals that we have lurched to the left more drastically and more completely than anyone in 2008 would ever have predicted, with the exception of Obama himself.

The congressional elections that have been held since then have been won hands-down by Republicans promising to rein in the Obama surge to the left. But that has not happened. That has not happened because the Republicans we have elected were terrified of being called racist for opposing Obama or some other silliness. As it worked out, Republicans knuckling under had nothing to do with the complete hash that race relations has become. Or maybe the fact that we put an untried unrestrained megalomaniac in charge is what did it.

In any case, more Democrat rule is not the answer. And the voters have said that a professional politician in charge is not the answer– look at who lost the Republican primaries.

I want to go with the non-professional non-politician for once. Let's see what that does for us.


Excerpted from today's WSJ article "Clinton and the ‘Deplorables’":



As Mrs. Clinton’s support has eroded in the polls, Democrats are figuring out that they may have nominated the only candidate who could lose to Donald Trump. But then they didn’t give themselves many good choices. Their Congressional leaders are old, and their bench in the states is thin after their election wipeouts of 2010 and 2014. Mrs. Clinton’s bid to be the first woman President fit the party’s priority for identity politics, and the Clinton machine would do what it takes to win.

Mrs. Clinton is still leading, and Mr. Trump is always a driverless-car accident waiting to happen. But it’s also obvious that a majority of Americans do not want to vote for an extension of the Clinton dynasty. They aren’t “deplorables.” They’ve seen Mrs. Clinton in public life for 25 years and they know what they’ll be getting if she wins.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

This is the 15th anniversary of the Muslim attack on the homeland of the United States.

I am not going to make any comments about this date. I'm sure that others will do a credible job of commenting about 9/11.


I once had a female architect who worked for me. Her architecture degree was from MIT, and she was a very bright lady. She worked very hard, and was excellent at what she did, which was to demonstrate architectural computer drafting systems to potential customers.


It was a very demanding job with a lot of pressure on her every move.


We had to move her out of her position and find a new one for her because she started getting pneumonia bouts after long periods of work.


She was a valued employee, and I did not want to lose her, so we escalated her care, and began to question her doctors about the origins of these bouts of pneumonia.

Eventually, after more than a year of treatment by various specialists, a psychiatrist was consulted. His diagnosis, and the one that actually produced a treatment that made her improve, was that she was suffering from stress, and it was making her ill as a protective mechanism.


And now for Hillary.


It seems that we have not learned very much in the past 15 years. Or at least, we have not put much into effect. The rot of our culture has been accomplished over decades – predating the past 15 years by 40 or so –as numerous changes to our traditional values have been wrought from within it. 

Before Obama came along, our system of education was under fire by progressives to reorder all of those things we had held true in the past.

The most important thing that the education system was putting forward, in their collective opinion, was a progressive agenda of social change, this according to all the educators with credibility–Saul Alinski, et. al. All other aspects of education fell by the wayside as the social agenda took precedence.


The 'black power' movement of the 60s and 70s fit right in with the progressive agenda, and was generally adopted into it. This became the overall structure of the current progressive movement, with education at its center, promoting a lack of learning hard facts (Sciences, Engineering) as opposed to the squishier tenets of social engineering. These changes in education have been taught long enough that no one dares to question their validity or appropriateness. They have also been taught for so long that the entire education system has lost its original emphasis on open-minded query and replaced it with a hardbound belief that the new (50 years old) approach to education is the correct one, rooted in 'scientific' research. The old way of educating people is bunk. 

To get to current specifics,the enumeration of all the damage done by this President is more than can be undertaken by me at an individual sitting. Sufice it to say that Barack Obama has succeeded in transforming the United States from a successful world leader into a country that is beset by enemies within our own borders. That was his intent, and he has succeeded.

And these enemies within will not allow the people of the United States to return their country to its former greatness. They will lie, cheat, use elaborate plots, and wait decades for their subversions to take effect.

The general tendency of the stature of the United States in the world, especially for the nearly eight years under Obama, has been decline.

This country has been attacked and ruinously assaulted over the time that he has been president; he has done this to promulgate his horrendous anti-American agenda. It has been more than anything that our enemies have been able to do from afar. 

And Hillary Clinton is Obama without charisma.