Sunday, October 07, 2018

Yesterday, Florida and LSU met in a superlative football game. Florida was the winner as LSU tried to come back from a deficit in the fourth quarter. They very nearly did it, but the final score was 27-19, which does not relate how close the game was.

Tennessee had a bye.


This week and last have been a time when our collective noses have been rubbed in the excrement that our transformed education system has wrought for us. Beginning in the late 70s/early 80s, the teaching of Civics in high school was halted, leaving us with a mass of now voting-age people who have no idea what this country is all about.


We are much the poorer for it. There is a dearth of knowledge and deeply-seated respect for the institutions of our country which are defined by the US Constitution.We are living with that group of ill-informed raising their ignorant objections to every action that we take.

In this case, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was opposed by the entire Democrat faction in Congress and by the whole press except for a few conservative outlets – the usual, except far more vitriolic.The rhetoric became downright mean and spiteful, with the #Metoo group of women siding with a particularly suspect individual who accused Kavanaugh of groping her in the early 1980s. Her accusation quickly became attempted rape and then rape as the ignorant mob escalated its bilious accusations.

The Republican response from the Judiciary Committee was kept in check by the Chair, Sen. Chuck Grassley, who maintained a respectful and measured attitude toward all those who raised objections, no matter how spurious. Where I would have responded with the fury that the allegations demanded, Sen. Grassley remained cool and businesslike.

Of course that response caused the Democrat who was making the ill considered attack become more virulent, which in the case of Cory Booker, transparently trying to pad his resume for the 2020 presidential run, made him look like a fool.

It reminded me of the old Amos and Andy skit where the attorney for the Lodge Hall, Calhoun C. Calhoun, rose violently to his feet, and proclaimed "Not only does I denies the allegation, but I resembles the alligator!"


And now, here comes our favorite ex-attorney general, Eric Holder with a completely unbiased view of the Kavanaugh appointment:

It is blatantly a fact that our friend Eric Holder is running for president. Here is a tweet included in the above referenced article:

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With the confirmation of Kavanaugh and the process which led to it, (and the treatment of Merrick Garland), the legitimacy of the Supreme Court can justifiably be questioned. The Court must now prove - through its work - that it is worthy of the nation’s trust.

1:10 PM - 6 Oct 2018

Not surprisingly, Mr. Holder will do his level best to discredit the Supreme Court. He has already done the justice system of the United States a great deal of damage by his racist management of the Justice Department during his tenure there. There is no way to guess all the damage he has done to venerable institutions of law since he has left government and begun life in a much less monitored manner.

We shall see what devilment he is wreaking upon our institutions when the scrutiny of election season swings his way.

I am assuming that the immunity enjoyed while he was in the Obama administration will no longer apply. The bloom is off the rose.

We are no longer terrified of being called racist; we are now in very good company in that category, with that accusation having been leveled at so many people who were patently not.