Monday, October 01, 2018



I have solved the problems that I had been having with dictation and other nitpicking difficulties in publishing this column – I changed from Google Chrome to Firefox as my browser that I use for my blogs.


Google is proving itself to be evil incarnate. Not only do they have fingers in every pie that is our life online: browser, search engine, operating systems for all computers, and many other insidious aspects of our lives.


Google and I are no longer friends. During the first part of September, I divorced myself from Google's presence in as many ways as I could:

  • I now use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine.

  • Google Chrome no longer resides on my computer – I deleted it completely with all traces.

  • Every instance that I see of Google, I delete references to it and avoid any contact at all.

Google is taking over aspects of our lives that no one had ever foreseen five or six years ago. It is an avowed force for globalism and the putting down of Americanism. One of the reasons that I am a supporter of Donald Trump is to see to it that this insidious mindset gets exposed for the freedom bashing agenda that is being forced upon us by Google and by Facebook and others in the interest of enriching themselves along with furthering liberal causes and philosophy. And of course that furthering of liberal causes and philosophy carries with it a denigration of all things conservative and well thought out.

Firefox is slow, but it is also responsive with only a few minor problems. I have been using it now for three weeks, and have found only a fewlittle glitches.

Firefox has its problems with conservatives, but they are not hidden ones; these policies are well known, and I think I can live with them.


Alan Dershowitz has a new column which I copied from the Wall Street Journal. It can be found here.


Prof. Dershowitz is an admitted liberal, but he finds the Kavanaugh treatment as appalling as I do. Additionally, I think the whole Diane Feinstein scenario is very suspect. Namby-pamby Republicans treated Christine Blasey Ford with kid gloves when a chain mail handling of her idiotic accusations would have been more appropriate.

Of course, my technique of handling her would have brought a firestorm of criticism from the left, but it would have prevented all the honors that have been heaped on Anita Hill from being lauded onto her weak-kneed appearance in the hearing-room. Of course she is being treated like a rock star by the left, and will inevitably reap her unearned rewards.


Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Vols did not embarrass themselves yesterday playing #2 Georgia. The final score sounded much worse than the game was: Tennessee 12 Georgia 38. This week was a remarkable improvement over the embarrassment of last week when we lost to a truly awful Florida team.


Brett Kavanaugh is still hanging fire in the judicial nominating mess. Democrats have found ways of keeping the nominee from his rightful place on the Supreme Court by manipulating technicalities, the last being Jeff Flake, the turncoat retiring Arizona Senator, who managed to extend the process nearly a week over a silly Senate rule.


Delay, delay, delay… This is the strategy of a losing Democrat party to try and remove the advantage that the Republican party holds through its slim House and Senate majority. This is their strategy, and has been their strategy since the Watergate era.

Democrats are counting on the tendency of history for the party of the presidential winner to lose many seats in the following off-year elections. I think Democrats are in for a surprise. I think Republicans will gain seats in both the House and the Senate.

Trump has been playing his cards deftly, while pointing attention in other directions. He has used his policy of requiring two existing bureaucratic regulations to be repealed for every one that is newly placed. This policy is infuriating old-line Democrats who live in the trenches. But there's not a damn thing they can do.

This is what is meant by 'draining the swamp.'

Trump is not particularly interested in having all of this activity being sub rosa, but none of it is particularly newsworthy, and Democrats want to keep the more sexy items at the forefront of the news. They also do not wish to draw attention to the success that Trump is having in restricting bureaucratic control.


So, for two weeks, we have had a display of how manipulating news is done. Diane Feinstein, in her experienced, cynical manner, caused a near crisis, throwing a well-deserved nomination of a gentlemanly judge into question, thus coming close to destroying his life and the lives of his family. Only by Kavanaugh assuming his seat on the Supreme Court will all this brouhaha go away.

It has all been a clever misdirection of attention away from the strides forward of the Republican Party before this mid-term election. The idea is to stir the pot so that all of the accomplishments of the Trump presidency are kept off the news cycle, while the processes used for governance are interrupted and corrupted by the party who wishes to regain power.

Democrats are much better politicians than Republicans because they have no scruples. Scruples get in the way of manipulating people and processes. Historic truths are forgotten by all but historians – Machiavelli was right.