Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oh, ignominious defeat! Tennessee found obscure ways to hand the game over to Florida and compound our disgrace.


Losing a football game that badly would be embarrassingly hard to take, but the fact that the opposing team was Florida compounds the misery immeasurably. Tennessee even managed to commit a touchback, a supremely idiotic play at the point of making an absolutely beautiful touchdown.


There was a lot to live down in last night's game.

And it was to a team which on paper is as bad as Tennessee.

Next are coming the real live honest to God powerhouses: Georgia, Auburn, and Alabama. I am trying not to think of the future.


Brett Cavanaugh is the superlative Supreme Court nominee that the Democrats have set up as their object of condemnation for actions he probably didn't take more than 30 years ago. The latest information is that he wasn't at the scene of the crime.

Democrats have perfected their methods of attack, but in doing so, they have made themselves into transparently obvious villains of the story.

We need to learn from this that the media manipulations are the point of this exercise. The whole idea is to continue keeping the media focus on controversial subjects so that Republicans have no media time to brag about their genuine accomplishments.

The election is in five weeks, and the month of October is the time when efforts to propagandize are most effective. The entire reason that Feinstein waited for three months to bring forth her allegations was to put this whole controversy as close to October as she could get it, thus making it all a part of the electioneering effort.

Democrats keep their eyes on the politicking ball, always. They are far better campaigners than are Republicans, and they are far better politiciansl than Republicans. The reason is that their only thoughts are winning; they don't concern themselves with truth or with what's good for the country's. Their ideas are easily disproven and defeated if the public is given time to mull them over, but that never happens. The soundbite ideas are thrown at the voters thick and fast and in convoluted ways that are hard to analyze.

Democrats have been doing this for a century, pushing various levels of socialistic BS even after all their rhetoric has proven false. They are now dealing with a generation who has never been taught analytical thinking, and is prone to the false platitudes of socialism/communism.

This is a scary time for the Republic.