Sunday, September 16, 2018

This morning on Fox News, a topic was introduced which caused me to guffaw. It was good old Joe Biden juxtaposed with the execrable Eric Holder in a fundraiser setting.


THE WORST of the worst!


Team those two up with Barack the Magnificent, and the prospects that the Democrats have for any kind of crossover voting vaporize. There are no three human beings quite so polarizing as the triumvirate of Obama/Holder/Biden.

These three do appeal to Democrat voters, but I think that the huge negative reputations that they carry will see to it that few others will be interested.


BO has his adherants outside the hard-core of Democrats, but nobody outside that blind sect will support Eric Holder. The man is a racist, pure and simple; he makes no apologies; he thinks that his racism is justified because of the actions of members of his own party in years past.

Attorneys General see to it that the law of the land is upheld, frequently contrary to the wishes of the president. Major disputes between AGs and presidents are rarely publicized, but they do occur. In the case of BO and Eric Holder, they spoke with two accents of the same language. All racial problems were the fault of whitey, who owed the black race compensation.

During the awful eight years of Barack Obama, race relations were damaged to an extent unseen in many decades. The degradation of the social and economic advances made by responsible Blacks during the latter half of the 20th century was made complete during the days of Obama.


He wanted to portray himself as a unifier. But, as in all other aspects of his presidency, he failed miserably in this, achieving the opposite of his stated intention. No one believed him. No one believed him because his actions were 180° from the direction of his rhetoric. He had no interest in making race relations better; his only interest was in making Barack Obama a more lauded personality.

He was and is a Community Organizer. That is the extent of his capability.