Sunday, September 09, 2018

The inevitable reappearance of Barack the Magnificent occurred on Thursday.


He arrived speaking of all the things that Donald Trump is doing wrong, of course. He has even made up new economic numbers to mask the major failures of his regime. He claims that the economic expansion that Trump started actually began in the last two years of his miserable term.

It is true that the stock market began its trudge toward the dizzying heights of today back then, but I think that the pent up demand brought on by Obama's death grip on the market throttle for six years caused a necessary adjustment. You can only hold down the engine of the US economy for so long.

We will be hearing from the big o as the time for the election nears. It is too much to hope that correct memories of the awful times of his presidency will rule the discussion; Eric Holder, Jocelyn Elders, et. al. have slouched off the memory banks of our ever vigilant news media, who only have ears for Trump and made up Russian involvement. The actual sins of actual Democrats are of no interest to them.

BO will make this election season seem 10 years long.