Saturday, October 15, 2016
There is a new button to the right labeled "Gelertner Article." It links to an article that was published in the WSJ this morning. It's good. Obviously, I wouldn't have copied it if I didn't think so.

The allegations which impugn Mrs. Clinton's character are no longer allegations. There is proof of her rotten character, her lies (old news, new proof) and her overall lack of fitness to be president.

The information is voluminous, and it is available elsewhere (Fox News, et. al.), so I'm not going to try to reproduce it here.

In my opinion, the allegations against Trump, even if true, are old news that doesn't rise to the level of actual misconduct in the operations of an office.


Mrs. Clinton's misconduct in her office – Secretary of State – does rise to this level.

At the very least, we should see to it that she does not have the opportunity to compound her transgressions, no matter what the intentions are behind them.

This awful woman must no longer hold any position of responsibility in our nation.

Even if you do not like Donald Trump, electing him is the one sure way to see to it that Hillary Clinton never has another opportunity to do the wrong that has been her way of life.

Friday, October 14, 2016
Hillary Clinton and her minions have devised a difficult task for Donald Trump: keep his mouth shut. He is playing into her hands by allowing the media to keep him front and center.
As in most things having to do with the Hillary Clinton campaign, this is not an accident, Donald Trump is not in the spotlight to bolster his image.
Far from it. The media scrutiny is full of Donald Trump machinations for the simple reason that these will take up space in print and time in broadcast, leaving no room for media focus on Hillary's transgressions.

For many months and years, Hillary's actions have been reported as things that were suspected of her. Now they have been confirmed, and documented solidly.
Hillary Clinton sold access to her office of Secretary of State. There is documented proof of this.

And we are talking about very large numbers here. The Clinton Foundation grew from almost $1 million in the hole in 2000 to its current value of approximately $2 billion.

That's $10 million a month.
And she gave that much pleasure to people listening to her speeches? I have heard her talk. She screeches, she rasps, she cackles. It is an unpleasant task listening to her ravings.
It took Donald Trump more than 4 decades to build his business into the $4 billion asset that he now owns. He's a piker. At their current rate of growth, the Clinton empire will pass him in 12 years, less than half the time that Trump's legitimate businesses took.
And the Clintons own what's really valuable: power.
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Last night's debate was Donald Trump's test. It was to see if he could withstand all the slings and arrows thrown at him by the owners of egos that are so easily bruised that they will depart their party rather than stand up to the perpetrators of the smears against him.

Giving in to the assailants is the way that Republicans have become accustomed to reacting to these assaults.

The Democrat party, Hillary Clinton in particular, have developed incredibly thick skins through their repeated faux pas, and they do not give in or even admit that the assaults are happening.

If Trump had been a Democrat, nothing that has been said or done would even elicit a lifted eyebrow as a response.

Only as a Republican did Trump have to apologize for this incident. Granted, Donald Trump has a long history of offending the easily offended, and the Republican way is frequently to overreact with resignations or other draconian measures.

The Democrat party didn't even censure Bill Clinton at the height of his offenses, which were actual, physical crimes.

The reality is, unfortunately, that there is a double standard in all of these things.


The Republican Party has developed a very thin skin. I think this is in response to the election of Barack Obama, and the lingering fear that the party will be accused of racism at every turn.

The party has been very careful of this, but we have been accused of racism so many times that it has lost its meaning.

The same with sexism, especially in the case of Hillary Clinton.


Hillary has so many incidents of all of these –isms that Democrat complaints of these infractions no longer elicit the response from anyone that they used to.

Trump acquitted himself well last night, and took the attack directly to Mrs. Clinton, as well he should.


He threatened her with jail, twice; I hope it comes to that.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

First a word about last night's Tennessee versus Texas A&M ballgame: shit shit shit. OK, three words.


After suffering through an error-filled recovery from a 28 point deficit, and with a gain of over 600 yards, Tennessee fell to the tender ministrations of A&M in a double-overtime.

'Nuff said.


One thing that must be addressed in this presidential campaign is that Hillary Clinton is an unacceptable candidate. Donald Trump is doing his dead level best to fit himself into the same category, but for different reasons. 
Donald Trump's faux pas from 10 years ago is a serious consideration, but it does not disqualify him from the presidency. My guess is that of the 44 men that we have elected to that office, probably 30 or so have indulged in adolescent antics similar to Trump's. I still think he would be an excellent president.
Hillary Clinton, however, is a vastly different story. She is unfit to occupy the office of president because of her duplicitousness and her erroneous philosophy of governance.

A statement that she made sometime in the past few years indicates that she favors a United States with no borders.
Therefore she prefers a world where the United States does not exist as a country.
Someone who thinks that way cannot, in honesty, take the oath of office to be president.

Hillary Clinton cannot take the oath of the office of President of the United States.


Therefore, we must do her the courtesy of not requesting her consent to take the office.

We must never elect her in the first place.


I realize, of course, that this stance is unrealistically optimistic, and that Hillary Clinton would never accede to dropping out of the race. So she must not win.


She has proven many times, over and over, that she is an incompetent and is incapable of the decision-making that is a necessary component of the office of president.

Hillary Clinton is a failure at every single thing she has tried to do: senator, Secretary of State, Congressional task leader (Hillary Care), and all of the other things she has tried to run in the past five or six decades.

We only know her name because she is married to Bill. Otherwise, we never would have heard of her, and the world would be a much better place for that.

The political machine of the Democrat party has been willingly railroaded into selecting her as their candidate in this election cycle, and it is too late for them to back out now.

There are those Republicans who rue the day that Donald Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate, but imagine how Democrats must feel.

She is a disaster waiting to happen.

Hillary Clinton, if elected on top of the total failure of the Obama administration, may present the United States with a dilemma that is impossible to solve.

Barack Obama planned it this way.

, and is fairly easy to find. I'm not going to reproduce it here.