Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh said several times today that the anti-gun litany that the left has been pushing was discovered to be BS. Surprise,  Surprise.


The most startling of the numbers that he made a point of is that there are (percentage-wise) a very tiny number of white people who kill Blacks. He made a few other comments and aired a few other statistics that are somewhat surprising.

The main point that he made is that 2/3 of all deaths caused by guns are suicides.

Suicides are certainly a regrettable thing to have happen, and we should do all we can to help those who might become a suicide, but this is so far contrary to what we are used to hearing, that it needs to be investigated.


Probably the strangest thing about this information is its source: the New York Times.


There is reason to doubt the New York Times about many things, but this is one subject upon which they are to be believed implicitly.



Tuesday, October 3, 2017


There is an amazing article from the Wall Street Journal in this morning's newspaper. It concerns the development of the Chinese auto industry, which is a fascist enterprise that is becoming a world player, and a dominant one, in the automobile world.

This was an imminent prospect for anyone in the US who was paying attention. This writer of course was not. The Wall Street Journal, surely, has been following the story for years.

What the story concerns is the decision by the Chinese government to force electric cars onto their automobile market. There are numerous advantages to this, and the Chinese government is bound and determined to take advantage of them all.

The rest of the world, as is described in the article, will try to follow suit. There is one enormous bugaboo in that. Very simply, the technology is not ready for use in cars that are destined to be used in a free-market economy. Free-market economies are not equipped to deal with the limitations that are imposed on cars by the current state of development of that technology. We do not have affordable, long-lasting batteries that can power a car that is useful in all situations. Petroleum fueled cars carry fuel tanks, of course, and fueling stations are available for petroleum fuel everywhere in the world.

Not so with electric recharging stations. China is building these, but battery charging takes time. No matter how willful, China cannot change physics. Current technology, and all foreseeable technologies, require long periods of time to charge a battery. This will not change soon.

This commitment by China is a game changer. We don't know, yet, how that game will change. Chinese citizens will have the opportunity to provide the testing lab for all future electric cars, and the capitalist world can follow suit at its leisure.

A fascist economic system is suited perfectly for a few things, and this is one of them: foisting off new, unproven technology onto a huge market, disallowing the possibility of the refusal by the market of the product.

It is the reason that Intergraph is now a distant second place to AutoCAD. We never did marketing. Our product was so superior to everything else that was available at the time that it sold itself to anyone who cared to invest the time for investigation and it was so expensive that everyone who bought into that market spent the time to do the research. So it will be with electric cars designed for the Chinese market.

​But China will experience something similar to what happened to Intergraph. New, more affordable technology will become available – it was PC based software in our case – which will do the job. But in the case of evolving battery technology, the new will be head and shoulders above the existing. Batteries will become small and light with phenomenal increases in storage capacity.


We know that will happen because it is the only direction that battery technology can evolve.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

This writer became aware of a member of the Obama administration many years ago, when, serving as spokesman for the State Department, she articulated many of the idiotic principles that Obama was putting forward. One of the things about this woman, Marie Harf, 36, was that she was able to convey these awful policies in a way that allowed the viewer to hate what she was saying without having to hate her.

This is a talent that few people possess.

She was regarded by this writer, however, as a member of the elite, probably in possession of a degree from Harvard or Yale, and was the spoiled daughter of an aristocrat family of New England.

None of that is true. Marie Harf grew up in Granville, Ohio, and is a graduate of Indiana University in political science with a Masters in Foreign Affairs from UVa. There she concentrated her studies on the Middle East.

Early in her career with the government, she worked for the CIA, using her interest in the Middle East as an analyst (recalling Robert Redford in "Three Days of the Condor") doing who knows what. She then graduated to the State Department, where her presence was first noted. 

While at State, she drew the focus of national attention with a comment about the Middle East: "We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it's a lack of opportunity for jobs, whether ..." This statement was consistent with the fecklessness of the Obama regime, and as such it colored this writer's view of her. Additionally, during the Obama administration's dealings with Iran, she was the spokesman for the State Department that was delegated the task of explaining the stupid moves that the president and vice president were making weekly.

This did not enhance her stature in the mind of a conservative observer.

Recently, Fox News has been using her on talk shows. She is valuable to them for being a person who holds liberal (Progressive) views, but has a winning personality and doesn't grate on the nerves of their viewers. This is a quality that is possessed by a long time member of the Fox staff, Juan Williams, a man with whom a pleasant happy hour can be envisioned, but whose political opinions are always wrong.

Placing Marie Hart in the same niche as Williams is a high compliment. Marie Harf fills that bill to a T.



I brought up the subject of the Forest Service a couple of weeks back.  And on Friday Kimberly Strassel has another one of her great articles. This one is about the new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, who brings a Western attitude and seriously good ideas to the job. Her article is here: A Return to the Conservation Ethic.

Secretary Zinke is in the midst of dismantling many of the awful programs from the Obama administration, including the preference of the naturalist mentality that has pervaded our parks service and the administration of our wildlife and forests to the detriment of the natural environment.

This is typified by the preservation of many trees and a great deal of the undergrowth that have died and become kindling for the wildfires we have been experiencing for the past decade or so. Zinke realizes that the natural environment requires management to be at its best.

The naturist John Muir, promulgated a philosophy of preservation of all natural things that has dominated all thought on this issue for many years. While this philosophy is not completely wrong, it has one very serious shortcoming. That is preservation without management leads to fire-prone forests because the dead vegetation accumulates in ways that fuel a fire.

That is nature's way of managing forests: purge by fire. A laissez-faire attitude toward forests results in more fires and less timber, which is contrary to the intent of the whole enterprise. 

Therefore, forests, to be preserved at their best, require frequent cleaning and removal of fire-inducing dead vegetation. Secretary Zinke knows this, and is implementing a policy of following through on that philosophy. These are practices which have been followed on private managed land for many years.

Revised 10/8/2017