Sunday, September 24, 2017

"No fee unless we win!"


So says the website of Morgan and Morgan, the Tampa based law firm whose slogan is "For the People."  

This law firm has been a prolific advertiser on many shows on Fox News and other networks. The ads are ubiquitous, frequent, and probably cost tons of money. The advertised services are the usual ambulance chasing law firm subjects breeding terror into the hearts of unsuspecting souls for the profit of the firm.

Trial lawyers are the scumbags of the legal profession. They make their big bucks from class-action lawsuits, slip and fall cases, and other victim-heavy endeavors, many of which are manufactured by the litigation process itself. On its website, Morgan and Morgan advertises

Car Accidents

Slip & Fall

Work Injuries

Class Actions

Business Litigation

Medical Malpractice


This law firm makes its living by suing those who are going about their lives in a manner which asks for nothing more than to be left alone; it is a study in victimization. That is these lawyers stock in trade. There is no activity which is safe from being harassed and having to pay large sums to the practitioners who put a gun to their head (proverbially), and threaten to pull the trigger unless the ransom is paid.

Plaintiffs attorneys fees run about 30% to 35% plus expenses of the award, leaving the plaintiff, the injured party, with 50% or less of the settlement. Lawyers are expensive.

There are a few lawyers who hate the trial lawyers/ambulance chasers as much as I do, and there is a very large portion of the legal profession – the vast preponderance of it – who are not associated with the sleaze that these practitioners make their bread and butter.

There was a Morgan and Morgan commercial featuring one of the younger Morgans recently that made the political stance of their firm apparent. The anti-business actions that this firm takes extends into their philosophy, which appears to have roots in socialism. This is not surprising since the intellectual focus seems to be the dismantling of any enterprise that makes a profit.

There are many who decry these folks, and the lawyers names that are prominent as advertisers on TV are the ones that they single out. Most of these firms are heavy Democrat donors. Their political leanings are an open statement as to the philosophy to which they adhere.

During the 70s, Asa Hoke, now deceased, was my best friend, roommate, and general companion. We went through some very difficult times together, and knew each other well. He was an attorney, practiced general law, and had some success in class-action litigation. But he was always a fair-minded person who saw the practice of law as a means of leveling the playing field.

This is in direct contravention of the Morgan and Morgan example.