Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The debate last night was pretty interesting, and I thought it was a pretty evenhanded production – amazing for CNN.

It was mostly characterized by what didn't happen: Trump didn't break down and throttle Hillary.

CNN's moderator didn't show his colors until the last couple of minutes of the debate, and Donald Trump used the term okay when asked about it this morning.

Donald Trump did a credible job, with the main criticism being about what he didn't say. He didn't get into the subjects of Hillary's serious mistakes on Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.

But, all in all, he did a credible job, appeared presidential, and, most importantly, kept his temper. It was obvious that she was trying to taunt him, but he didn't take the bait.

Therefore, he won.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Barack Obama has waited for this moment at the end of his presidency when the attention of the electorate is turned away from the day-to-day operations of the government, and is paying attention to the election season.

During this time, we can expect to see other major surprises, and who knows what else. BHO plays the American electorate like a violin.

While all the news is about the first debate between Trump and Hillary is when he picks to pull tricks that will cause lasting damage to the economy and the governance of the United States.

There is more to come, believe me

We have been waiting for Obama to begin to make his final push on environmental regulation.

And here it is coming up tomorrow.

The EPA, the attack dog for Obama's draconian policies, is demanding that there be a new standard for power generation, the CPP, which will require compliance with all the crushing new environmental regulations that his EPA has dreamed up over the past seven years. 
He has waged war against coal for the entire time he's been in office. He doesn't care that it is a fuel that has been tamed into environmental submission, yet is still cheap in comparison to all of the enviro-centric schemes that he is promoting.
Coal, oil, and natural gas – all fossil fuels – will be required to be burned without a scintilla of residue which could conceivably leave a trace detectable with some future technology.

The US environmental standards are already at a level where routine wear and tear due to weathering and other benign chemical alterations render them harmless. But now EPA standards, which we must pay large dollars to attain, will get very, very strict.
There is hope. The courts have not ruled on this particular set of environmental blackmail. That's tomorrow.

With all of his brilliance, one would hope that Obama is also smart. It appears that this is not so.
Go to the box at the upper right to read the Wall Street Journal's article on this, The ‘Clean Power’ Putsch.