Sunday, October 14, 2018


Jordan–Hare Stadium at Auburn Alabama was the scene of a miracle, yesterday. The University of Tennessee showed up for the first time this century ready to play football. And so they did.


The final score was 30-24 which is a lot closer than the game was. Auburn was leading at the end of the first half 17 – 13, but the third quarter was all Vols with two touchdowns scored, and the fourth quarter allowed Auburn to score one touchdown, but Tennessee had a field-goal to make the final score as above.

I was elated. Unranked (rightly so) Tennessee had defeated – soundly – #20 Auburn at their home field.

It has been a long dry spell against our hated enemy #3 behind the Crimson Tide and the Gators, but it looks as if the new blood in the coaching staff is beginning to have an influence on the poise of the team. Jeremy Pruitt is beginning to make a real difference.

I never understood why Philip Fullmer was terminated, even though his last season or two were somewhat subpar. The coaches brought in to replace him have all been disappointments, and it has gone on far too long.

Next week is Alabama. That is a whole new set of problems. Alabama will probably be number one in the country this year unless Clemson can do what they did last year.


In political news, there is so much going on that I'm somewhat confused as to what I should write about, so I will seize the bull by the horns and write nothing.