Sunday, November 04, 2018


Another disappointing week in UT football: it was a win, but over a decidedly inferior school. Charlotte out rushed us by a good bit, but a spectacular run back of a punt gave Tennessee a lead that they held throughout the game. Final score Volunteers– 14, 49ers – 3.


It was a very long week. Wednesday, I had a TIA (have no idea what the medical terminology is, but we mortals call that a mini-stroke) at the local hardware store. Everyone was very helpful and called the ambulance from across the street – literally. I spent Wednesday night and Thursday night in the familiar arms of Lakeline Regional.

My record is now 2 TIA's, 5 strokes, two of them major.

That familiarity is a hard won state whose ownership I never sought, nor wanted, and is not one of my proud possessions. I would prefer never to see the inside of a LRMC room, ever again. However, if I ever am in one of those rooms at sometime in the future, I certainly would rather be able to see.

I am beset by the wife and others who know more about my benefits than I do, or so they think. And so they act, frequently in the 180° direction from where I want to go.

One light moment during the dismal stay in LRM H was an encounter in the MRI queue:

I was sitting – actually reclining – minding my own business waiting for my turn at the machine, when a familiar voice greeted me from the aisle to my right. It was Gerry Bell, the plumber who did the renovation work on my house 18 years ago. When Gerry and I greeted one another, one of the attendants in the MRI room piped up and informed us that she, too, was from Polk City.

Gerry's and my paths cross sporadically, usually in a hospital setting at the VA or at LRMC, but the last time was when he rebuilt some of my fittings, and installed a new faucet.

An amazing turn of events – three people from the tiny town together in an obscure diagnostic room at a non-major Hospital.


The midterm election is this week, and the level of hype has reached its near crescendo, which will be found tomorrow during prime-time TV.

Democrats are putting on their generally confident air, many instances of which are an obvious sham.

Republicans are acting scared, which is an obvious mask, too, so that they do not appear overconfident.

My pick is that Republicans will win more seats in both the Senate and the House. The two Florida races that are most important are governor and the Senate seat occupied by Bill Nelson. Republicans will scrape through and win both of those. That is my hope and my expectation.

My satisfaction with Donald Trump leads to confidence in the electorate.