Sunday, October 21, 2018


Yesterday's game with the awesome (a word that has completely lost its meaning because of overuse) Alabama team was an expected blowout. Our guys were completely outclassed, although they managed to score three touchdowns against the dominant Crimson Tide.


The Tennessee coach,Jeremy Pruitt, a former member of the Alabama coaching staff, was severely outclassed, but managed to keep his head held high. Tennessee's 21 pointswere all scored after Alabama had scored three touchdowns in the first quarter, a feat that would have put most teams out of commission.


I can't wait for the Auburn – Alabama game to see how badly Alabama man handles their in-state rival. We might even hear gunfire at that game.


This week, with the election looming two weeks away, Democrats were trying hard to change the subject of the news, and all week long was coverage – first item on most days – of the Washington Post news man, Khashoggi, whose body has still never been found.

The Saudis are having to admit to participation of some kind in his disappearance and Pres. Trump is calling for a clear revelation of their involvement. They will get out a good bit of leeway in the tone of what they reveal, but it is clear that Saudi participation was involved.

And then there is Pocahontas.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made a serious error in judgment by involving a geneticist from Palo Alto in her controversial account of her heritage. She has made herself a laughingstock with the Cherokee tribe issuing a statement that offers no sympathy for her position.

Warren had her DNA analyzed, and the results were that the Indian DNA is as little as 1/1028– less than most people. It is very apparent that she assumed a position of Native American to gain advantage in her employment.

Elizabeth Warren is a disgrace.

The rumor is that she has been removed from consideration as a presidential candidate by the national Democrat Party.