Saturday, October 29, 2016
Dilbert's creator, Scott Adams, is a pretty intelligent guy. His blog post today includes a highly perceptive look at the selection of our next president. His comments are smart and well worth your time. Here's the link (just click on the text):
Friday, October 28, 2016
2:00 PM Friday FBI reopens investigation into Hillary's email. Rush Limbaugh Is all atwitter, the excitement is palpable.
The word is out. Hillary Clinton is a liar. But who didn't know that?
There is proof of it, again, and no one is surprised. What is surprising, though, is the widespread corruption of the Clinton Crime Family, how many people, how many institutions, and how deeply has the blight spread into the US government? Will getting rid of Hillary solve the problem?
Those are big points to ponder. They are even bigger points to deal with. I have thought for several years that we are in for a major shift in our country. The signs are there to indicate that the US is in a state of flux. No-one knows where this is taking us.
One thing is sure, though, the path we were on is one of ruin. The symptoms include the national debt, the loss of  our international hegemony, and the obvious corruption of a large portion of our leadership, both Democrat and Republican.
The Democrats have been revealed as a cynical bunch who are in it only for power  and money (thanks, Wikileaks) and the Republican ruling class are content to play second fiddle as long as they have an excuse (Mitt Romney couldn't win because he got surprised at the last second, John McCain couldn't win because of  Sarah Palin, etc.).

Barack Obama is a terrible president, but by all indications he is a peripheral character in this gargantuan Democrat  scheme to gather in cash without regard to its source. This is a Clinton-devised and Clinton-run endeavor. It seems that the Clintons have employed their lawyerly skills to a level that no others have reached in the history of our republic. 
Nobody, not Boss Tweed, not Richard Nixon, not Joseph McCarthy, has ever perpetrated a scheme of the magnitude of the Clinton Global Initiative. I have been saying this for months, and now there is incontrovertible proof of their wrongdoings.

The trouble is that one of the Clinton Crime Family will, quite possibly, be elected president of the United States.
We now have the evidence to keep that from happening.
Kimberly Strassel has written a splendid article and posted it in today's Wall Street Journal. Click on the button at the upper right.
Tennessee plays South Carolina tomorrow, but a lot of that fun has gone by the board as Steve Spurrier is no longer the coach of South Carolina. Spurrier tucked his tail between his legs and snuck off to parts unknown instead of facing UT last year. It was a lot of fun in the last few seasons giving him a good pounding every fall. He was a cowardly enemy, and I will miss seeing him fail.
Wednesday, October 25, 2016
Probably no one will call it that, but here is the 2016 October Surprise: Obamacare is a failure.
Except that everybody already knew this. This was a program that was rammed through Congress without a single Republican vote in the Senate and only a couple in the House.
Today's news is that Obamacare costs are going to rise 25%. In some states, Arizona for instance, the price rise is 100% or more. What this actually is, is a referendum on the way that Democrats manage government. This is a shouting rebuke to the Democrat party.
I hope this costs them big in this election. It should.
The article is in with the other WSJ articles.
Let us use this as a point of departure from commenting on Obamacare – odd how my dictation software typed obamacare with no capital letter – and segue into commenting about what this says about Democrat control over this country that has worked its way into the very fibers of the being of our political system.
The intent of these people, from the beginning, was to permeate the government of the United States with their liberal, now called progressive, system of governance.
They did this systematically and gradually, by insinuating their philosophy into the education of our children. This began in the 1950s and 1960s.
I graduated from high school in 1963, and I can remember some of the rather radical programs being introduced before that. It seems to have begun sometime around the time that Sputnik was launched. Wikipedia tells me that date was in October 1957. Hysteria concerning US hegemony over technology rose sharply, and the space-race was born.
There were dominating concerns over education in the US – "Why Johnny Can't Read" was the name of one of the programs – and educators began this process which has come to pass, yielding a system of education that is totally unlike the original scientific concepts that were the foundation.
Somewhere along the line, probably soon after it started, the liberal/progressive cadre of educators seized control of education, and injected the system with such scientific characteristics as feminism and egalitarianism.
Since those "scientific" subjects were more political than they were educational, their theories fit right into the transformation of the schools into a tool to promulgate the philosophies that progressive educators held sacred.
This transition is now past the tipping point. The young people of the US no longer are equipped to deal with facts, but are much more in touch with their feelings.

They are equipped to be social workers but not electrical engineers.
In the world market, they are on the losing side.
US was never number one in the world education rankings, whoever it is that does those, but at one time we were about number five. It seems like Sweden was always number one.

The US has dropped like a stone in that ranking, and I don't know where its position is now.
But, the educators have screwed our kids.
There's a lot more to this situation that we find ourselves in, and it is all convoluted and intricate. But, the most far-reaching changes that have been wrought within our systems are the ones to education, since that set of changes has dumbed down our society in a way that no other could.
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Well, here we go again. It's a story that could have been written in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was in office. This has all the hallmarks of the Clintonian abuses of power, arrogant mishandling of public money, and political favoritism that characterized that era.
Bill and Hillary must have learned their tricks from the same teacher. And that teacher may have been Saul Alinski, to whom Hillary Clinton dedicated her senior thesis.
In this particular story, the main characters are not the Clintons, but one of their own line buds, Terry McAuliffe and his fellow Virginia Democrats who are guilty of the illegal efforts to control FBI investigations.
Click on the WSJ articles tab at the upper right to read it.  

But if Hillary Clinton gets elected, we can expect to see a lot more stories of this sort just as we did in the 1990s when the Bill Clinton administration produced the scandal story of the week – not once every week, mind you, but sometimes two and three times in the same week.
Bill Clinton's time as president was interesting for a while, but it became really tawdry, really tedious, and really confusing to try to keep up with all the stories that were flying around. And some of them were very serious, with enormous national and international consequences, i.e. the Ron Brown debacle and others.

And the same spinmeisters (a term coined in that era) are still around to do their evil deeds in support of Hillary.
The oncoming time may be quite interesting, but it will be very bad for the country.
On the other hand, we could avoid all this nonsense by electing Donald Trump. He may present a few problems, but he is not a lawyer, not like Bill and Hill, and he would never be able to wreak the wholesale havoc that a pair of lawyers can.
Sunday, October 23, 2016
Since Friday night, and the Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation dinner, the press has made a big deal out of the way that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton conducted themselves.
According to the comments that I have heard, the fun evening that is traditional for this occasion was supplanted by a more contemporary evening characterized by snarky political commentary from the two presidential candidates. And of course, Donald Trump was the big offender.

He was even booed.

Not to make excuses for Donald Trump, but both he and Hillary were out of line.
The bad temper that exists between the two of them became evident at this dinner.
I find it utterly understandable that Donald Trump would act in this somewhat boorish manner, given the fact that he regards Hillary Clinton as an un-punished criminal who may become president of the United States. He regards her, as do I, as a woman with a noxious past, an ongoing series of vile acts, a sense of entitlement that borders on treasonous, and an enormous number of felonious acts that she has masqueraded as legitimate enterprise.
Mrs. Clinton seeks to enhance the legacy of the Clinton Crime Family begun by herself and her husband and which is currently being handed over to their daughter, Chelsea. It is amazing that so many voters of the United States will put up with the obvious charade that the Clintons are putting on.
These things are her history and are her ongoing efforts. And they are criminal acts. But these acts pale before her intentions.

She regards the sanctity of the borders of the United States as some errant thought that must be superseded by her reality that the world needs access to the wealth of the United States – Hillary wants open borders.
This woman cannot be allowed any position of responsibility in the government of our country, least of all President of the United States.

The word is out.