Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This election cycle is like no other. The Democrats have stuck to methods that they have used in the past, some of them as slimy as any ever devised by Machiavelli, to go through their coronation of Hillary Clinton as their nominee.

Republicans, on the other hand, went through an agonizing process of narrowing their field of candidates down from the 17 who started to the one who is last, Donald Trump.

Everyone expected that the Republicans would go through a coronation process like the Dems to put Jeb Bush in the running for this fall. But the times would not stand for anything that much related to the past. The entire Politburo of the Republican Party has been torn asunder, and George HW Bush has vowed that he is voting for Hillary.

We will see how things actually turn out. This year, politically, is nothing like anyone predicted.


After many years of observing them, I have begun to figure out some of the more salient features of Democrat campaign techniques.

First, and foremost, is an adaptation of the psychological pattern embodied in the term 'transference.' This is the principle by which when one observes a set of actions or trait in himself, he transfers that trait to someone else as their personality characteristic.

This is how Democrats rationalize the fact that they blame Republicans for the things that the Democrats themselves have done. If you watch when Democrats talk about Republicans, they frequently assign the reason for certain actions that Republicans do to motives that only makes sense to Democrats.


For instance, the entire performance put on last night by Tim Kaine was one of transference of a style of campaigning that was so foreign to him that he completely screwed it up, and left Mike Pence with a way to win the debate, simply by being himself– smooth, practical, and logical.

Republicans seldom win this battle, because the Democrat who is trying to pin unassigned actions onto a Republican usually gets the attention of the press before the Republican can do anything. Fortunately, this time, Pence was able to maintain his normal decorous style while Kaine took the bull by the horns, and overplayed his hand (to mix two metaphors).

This was a rare instance where a Republican won the battle.

Trump, for instance, is notorious for falling into the traps that they keep setting for him. The episode of that Miss Universe, or World, or whomever is a case in point.

That whole issue was a Hillary Clinton put up job, designed to snare Trump by the ego. And it worked, magnificently. We're still hearing the repercussions from that whole raft of silliness.

Men like Donald Trump will almost always fall for that trap, because they (we) do have rather large egos. Let's hope that Kellyanne Conway can keep Trump's opinion of himself in check.

I identify with the mind of Donald Trump in a lot of respects. Architects are well known as egotists, and we share many of the traits with our real estate developer clients.


Most people do not follow the way that architects think. The management of priorities, the processes required to accomplish something as complicated as a major building project and other complex parts of the whole are techniques that architects and developers learn, often together, when they begin to take on major projects.

I have a lot of respect for Donald Trump. He has become a superstar in a ballgame where I made it to the major leagues (an unmixed metaphor).

Now read the next post if you want to hear about a real ballgame.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What a ballgame! 

As a proud alumnus of the University of Tennessee, I am here to tell you that there are more bitter rivals than Tennessee and Georgia, but the two universities are among the oldest in the US – Tennessee, 1794 and Georgia, 1785. And we still hate each other as we have for more than a century.

But last night's conclusion of the annual football game was superlative by any standard.

Tennessee slowly overcame a 10 point deficit that we had granted in the first half; with two minutes left in the game, we pulled ahead of Georgia 27-24.

With only 10 seconds remaining, Georgia scored a touchdown, making the score 31-27. 

The Big Orange was devastated.

But Butch Jones (Tennesseee head coach) pulled one out of his ass.


The Hail Mary was thrown with four seconds left, and was caught in the Georgia end zone with time gone.


The Vols ran away with the 34-31 victory.


It was the most amazing end to a football game that I have ever seen.


That means all football games, ever. And of course Tennessee won, leaving our 2016 season perfect at 5-0.