Sunday, November 5, 2017

This is the first day of normal time. I wish we would continue with daylight savings time ad infinitum.


Yesterday afternoon I received a message from Scragged saying that my latest column had been accepted. That is the fourth, but was rejected on Wednesday, as well it should have been. I simplified and shortened it, and the new version seems to be okay. It will be published sometime this week.


My efforts on Scragged have made my editorial work in this space redundant. The columns that I submit to them are a little more subdued than the ones that I have placed on the site previously, but they are still a little on the opinionated side. That's part of my charm.


Writing for Scragged is proving very satisfying for me. The editor, who goes by the nom de plume of Francesco Petrarch has a very restrained style of literary criticism, but he gets his point across. Every time he has made a comment about my writing he has been 100% correct, but has not made it into an issue. His own writing, in terms of style, is very instructional, and there are many of his precepts that I will try to make my own. I have no idea of his background outside of the one website, but the amount of work that he has published his prodigious.


It is actually getting quite late in the morning, since I have taken my sweet time doing the things that I normally am pressed to get done before Fox News Sunday. But the time has finally flapped away.