Saturday, November 5, 2016
There is a new entry in the reference material from the Wall Street Journal. It's available at the upper right. The WSJ is not endorsing a candidate this year and the article explains why.
As the day of reckoning nears, there are many concerns for the future. In my 71 years, there has never been an election where the choices were clearer.
We have the Hillary on the one hand, and the Donald on the other.
I am not terrified of a Clinton administration. "Terrified" conveys nothing of the fear and dread that would be imposed by a reelection of the Democrats to power. I cannot afford to pay for the space it would take to write all of the horrific consequences of electing Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, does offer hope for the future.

The fact that he is a developer makes the characteristics of his personality understandable to me.

Donald Trump lives in the world of the possible and a dreamworld of the why not.
Most people have no idea of how to deal with the world of why not. But, that is the world where architects live, too. We have also learned how to deal with this world to take advantage of the opportunities there.
Along with the opportunities, there dwell a whole lot of problems to be avoided at all costs.
The world of why not is fraught with the possibilities of failures. These possibilities don't scare me as much as the certainty of corruption and self-serving misuse of power that Hillary Clinton would bring to the office of president. She would bring back that whole gamut of Clinton sleaze that was the hallmark of the 1990s.
Tuesday is a fateful day. I hope we elect Donald Trump, and I wish him the best.
I'm not ashamed of the fact that this is a selfish wish. Donald Trump is not an architect, but he thinks like one.
Friday, November 4, 2016
My guess is that anyone reading this blog is old enough to remember the 1990s and the Clinton administration. This was a period marked by "The Scandal of the Week." Sometimes, there was more than one.

Here we go again. And this time the Clinton in question is not even in office.
If Hillary gets elected, what a dismal four years this will be.
Go to the Wall Street Journal articles at the upper right to read Kimberly Strassel's editorial which illustrates my point.
Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Update (3:00 PM Friday, 11:00 AM Saturday) These updates were removing Britt Hume's name and adding the Bush name to the list of  politicians and opinion miesters, I'll deal with why this happened if I get around to it. probably after the election fervor dies down.
There is a video available here:
It is a video about Huma Abedin, who is Hillary's main confidant/consigliore. I have been wondering about her for many years; this video explains a lot.
Although I don't know if she is a Muslim, I'm pretty sure she is. Abedin is Hillary's right-hand assistant, is married to Anthony Weiner, and is trying to rid herself of her marital ties. She is involved heavily through her mother and other relatives with Muslim efforts to subvert the United States.
I kid  about her being ugly, which she is, but she is a dangerous jihadi, and would be a presidential advisor, a la Valerie Jarrett. She probably does the bidding of Tehran.
Knowing these things about a close assistant to her makes me realize what a danger that Hillary imposes. She must be defeated in this election.
I'm beginning to suspect that many of the news opinion meisters that I have respected and listened to for so long are not worthy of those aspects of my appreciation.
I'm speaking of the Bush family, George Will, and a couple of others who seem to be looking at the Donald Trump run for the presidency as a rather spurious effect of a non-serious Republican Party.

Although I can see the rationalization that would produce this opinion, I cannot agree with it at all.
The Republican Party is fighting for its life, or so they say. According to these folks, there is such internecine squabbling that there is no agreement between factions on the right.

In the case of the Bush family, who are the people playing the harmed ones, it is a shame to see a whole generation of Republican leadership vow to vote for a Democrat instead of the Republican nominee .
Yes, Mr. Trump did indeed repeatedly insult Jeb Bush. But Mr. Trump insults everybody given enough time. And politics is not a game for the thin skinned.
The Bush family is showing us characteristics of an elite who think of themselves as the only capable leaders of the Republican Party. And to think that they were once my favorites.

This election season has shown us that the old guard, both Republicans and Democrats, both politicians and newscasters, are no longer capable of responding to the way that the American public believes that our country should be moving.

I'm not sure what the new governance will be, but the old guard of neither party has much of a place in it.
As for the newscasters, the ones who are currently being celebrated in the new media, are all, every single one, unworthy of any of the respect that they so much desire.

And the ones who are working in the old media, newspapers, TV, and radio, need to re-earn the esteem that they think they deserve.
It's a new day out there. As we move forward politics and news coverage of it will not be the way they were in the Obama administration days.
Thank God.
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Last week was a momentous week.
Obamacare has been ruled to be an utter failure. This done by National Public Radio and Harvard University.

That was on Wednesday. By Friday the thunderbolt struck  the Hillary campaign with the news that the FBI is reopening the case against her regarding her email scandal.

James Comey, FBI Director, released a statement saying that the case was being reopened and that no conclusion would be reached before the election.

Very quickly, Hillary appeared with the usual "Nothing to see here…" dodge.

Uncharacteristically, Donald Trump picked up the attack instead of figuring out some way to put the spotlight onto himself as has become his habit over the past few months.

And things have gone downhill somewhat from there.

In the current polls, Trump has pulled within one point of Hillary's standing.

Tomorrow will tell what's next.


I have been saying for months, and there have been a lot of others who agree, that Obamacare is a red herring.

The whole purpose of all the machinations of Obamacare was for it to fail. Once it fails, then the real goal of completely state run healthcare can be achieved with full support from a disadvantaged electorate.

After this failure of Obamacare begins to be corrected, Democrats will propose (they already have) the implementation of a public health scheme whereby the federal government takes over all of the functions in the healthcare business.


Maybe it will be called Trump care or some other moniker, but a new set up based on private enterprise should be developed.

There are lots of things wrong with the current system that cause it to be so ungodly expensive. Most of these things relate to the fact that it is a product of central planning.

Any system that wishes to be all things to all people will of necessity be unaffordable.

Limitations of coverage need to be in place so that, for instance, I, a 71-year-old man, will not be paying for transgender surgery upon a 19-year-old.

That is what we have now. It is the reason, or at least a large part of the reason, that the prices for healthcare coverage are beginning to skyrocket.

The liberal dream of providing unlimited healthcare to every person is pure poppycock. No society has ever done that, and no society ever can.

I have no idea what the answer will be, but healthcare must have limitations.