Friday, October 21, 2016
There was a gala last night, the Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner,  which was attended by both Princess Hillary and Prince Donald. I got a small smattering of the goings-on via Fox News this morning, and I must say that it was probably a very interesting confrontation of the two current foes, separated at the head table only by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the nominal host of the event.
The CNN report that I read portrayed the evening as being one of Donald Trump taking over the spotlight, making himself the center of attention. Al Smith V, the great-grandson of the foundation eponym, characterized trump's behavior as "took it a little too far," with nothing but praise for the way Hillary conducted herself.
This is the sort of comment that is expected from one of New York City's ruling class. Even though Trump is a New Yorker, and is one of the richest men there, he is not one of the old-line money families, and probably gets this sort of snub frequently.
Hillary, on the other hand, is regarded in much the same way, but is treated in public with deferential, even reverential, regard.

The wealth and power that was apparent last night is held by a closed society of the most exclusive sort, with generations of snootiness in-bred into its members.
People like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can only be peripheral to the elite.
But the elite regard the two presidential hopefuls in entirely different ways. The elite are Democrats. No Republican need apply. In this regard, Trump's status as an ex-Democrat pro-lifer who is incredibly rich, baffles most of the them.

They know how to deal with Hillary, having met her type before, but the brazen reality of Donald Trump is a mystery to them. And on top of that, Trump is a developer. He makes things, builds things, employs the working-class, associates himself with non-pedigreed rich folk and does all manner of things which make no sense to them. Why, he sells things, they proclaim in horror, privately of course, when they run into each other walking their shih tzus on 5th Ave. (The elite don't walk their dogs anymore, of course, they have illegal Yolanda for that.)

They had Donald Trump at their little gala last night to provide entertainment. And he did. He did not call Hillary any of the well-worn descriptive tags that he frequently hangs around her neck, but he did take on some of her policies they had debated.


Trump was completely unabashed by the whole milieu. It's the world he lives in.


White tie dinner or not, Trump seems to regard everywhere he goes as a place where he can speak his mind. His language is a peculiar mix of bright observation and inarticulate comment, with extremely important things sometimes left unsaid.

This is in marked contrast to Hillary Clinton, who has every word she says scripted by her speechwriters. I seriously doubt that an unrehearsed comment has passed her lips in months. At least in public.

With every passing day, with every new revelation of her many (thousands) of felonious acts, she is revealed as a less acceptable person to hold the office of president.

Donald Trump is now saying to her face that she should be jailed. He is correct.

Thursday, October 20, 2016
The third debate was last night. And listening to Rush Limbaugh today made me realize that a subconscious feeling I had was correct.
I had observed to myself, that Donald Trump's response to Chris Wallace' request that he pledge to abide by the results of the election was the correct one.

Donald Trump said that he would that make that pledge, that he would have to wait and see what the circumstances were going to be.

Rush Limbaugh's comments echoed my concerns, and it seems that, uncharacteristically, I had reached a rational decision about this all on my own.
Trump's decision appears to have been the right one. Who knows what shenanigans the Hillary Mafia might employ between now and the close of voting.
Sunday, October 16, 2016
There is a new button to the right labeled "Gelernter Article." It links to an article that was published in the WSJ Saturday morning. It's good. Obviously, I wouldn't have copied it if I didn't think so.

Yesterday's  game against Alabama was an unmitigated disaster. My Vols were completely outclassed as evidenced by the 49-10 score.

Alabama was ranked #1, Tennessee was #9. This week, the rankings may be different, but  Alabama deserves the #1 spot.

Those guys are good!



Mrs. Clinton is waging a campaign to focus the spotlight of national attention on the actions of Donald Trump over the last four decades.

The purpose, of course, is to keep that spotlight from being trained on Mrs. Clinton's malodorous history during the same period of time.


Mrs. Clinton is guilty of using the State Department as a part of the Clinton Foundation for the purpose of raising money from US corporations and foreign governments. We can thank Wikileaks for the information that was made public last week about Mrs. Clinton and her involvement with the subversion of the State Department.


No one knows exactly how much money is involved, but the Clintons brag about the Clinton Foundation being valued at approximately $2 billion on the website of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Clintons are a nasty bunch. Bill Clinton complained about being utterly broke when he left the White House, and indeed, he was in debt at the time. The amount that I have read about was around $800,000.

This is money that he spent paying legal expenses for his defense against the law suits that were brought against him for sexual mistreatment of women.

Last week, there were big hopes brought up by the fact that Mrs. Clinton had turned in the answers to the interrogatory that she had been required to answer in the lawsuit brought against her by Judicial Watch.

Typically Clintonesque answers were "I cannot recall" to most of the questions. Mrs. Clinton has a fine selective memory.

Fox News is doing its job, though, and we may learn some more things about this.

The news story this morning that was most interesting was the occurrence last night of Hillary and Trump attending a dinner for the grand high muckety-muck Catholic Bishop of New York.