Friday, October 20, 2017

Modified October 21, 2017

Disaster looms on the horizon. Tomorrow is the third Saturday in October, which is the day every year when Tennessee plays its arch-enemy, Alabama.


Most years, we can look forward to a thrilling gridiron performance since both teams get up for this game. There is usually great fanfare, and the pretty good chance that Tennessee will emerge victorious.


This year, though, we have little hope. I will be extremely pleased if Tennessee scores a touchdown. I have no idea whether Butch Jones will show his face at the game as a head coach, or if Tennessee has relieved him of those duties.

Oct. 21: It appears that Butch Jones will be there for the 3:30 PM game.


My second column for Scragged has been accepted, and is available now. This one has to do with the recent announcement by the Boy Scouts that girls would be eligible to join their organization. There are some conditions, and as far as I had been able to determine, girls are only eligible to join the Cub Scouts at this time. That will probably be an entrée into the ranks of Boy Scouts as the girls who joined as Cubs mature to the age of 11, at which time they will probably be eligible to join the full-fledged Scouting organization.


I support this move by the Boy Scouts, if not whole-heartedly, then more than half-heartedly. The biggest reservations that I have about this change in the organization is the other changes that have been made to achieve a politically correct outcome.


Nothing could be further from what the Boy Scouts need. Inclusion of gays and transgenders is probably inevitable, but the institution of the Boy Scouts should not make that their goal. Placing the wrong emphasis on that would do a lot toward further destruction of the ideals that scouting represents. Much damage has been done, and much more is in store if this issue is handled wrongly.

The view of the scouting leadership is probably that political correctness is their goal. It is not. The molding of young men and young women (probably) to live in a treacherous society is. Kowtowing toward homosexual and transgender youth will not further the proper goal. That tiny minority has a welcome place in scouting, but they should not be allowed to dictate the policies of the Boy Scouts as a whole.


Scouting should continue on its rocky path, and measures should be made to accommodate as many youngsters as possible, but strict rules must be maintained. The strict rules must be in response to the needs of all Boy Scouts, not just the special one or two percent.


[What would be analogous to Hitler Youth? – There is my Nazi reference for the day.]



Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My contact at advised me that my column that I had submitted needed to be rewritten. All the joys of getting published.


He was absolutely right, of course, with his minor comments about some general shortcomings on the copy that I had written.


My writing was very much in need of a redo. And, as of yesterday, it was redone. I resubmitted, and have not heard any further comments.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

I'm afraid that Saturday's loss to South Carolina will spell the end of Butch Jones' career at the University of Tennessee. It was an exciting game at the end  but it was an ignominious defeat against a team that we should have mashed into the ground. There was no excuse, Tennessee played miserably, and all things considered, should have lost the football game.


There were two bright spots to the afternoon. The first was an interview with Phil Fullmer where he expressed his loyalty and great love for the University of Tennessee. It was good to see his much enlarged (fat) self in such good spirits at the ballgame. This was during the second quarter, when Tennessee was ahead.

The other is the way the team played the last series of downs. But even then it was a losing fight. The Volunteers just don't have the killer instinct. That is a feature that must be drilled into their heads time after time after time after time after time.

Last Sunday's column was accepted by and has been published on their website. I did not quite follow the rules, but they worked around my transgressions and made me into a guest contributor. Last Sunday's column is now available for the world to read on that much more public venue. The title of the article is "Smart Money Betting Against Electric Cars."

I have submitted another column for their use, if they want it. This one has to do with the Girl Scouts and their presumed response to the news last week that the Boy Scouts is going to offer memberships to girls. As of now, they are perusing a rewrite, and have given every indication that it will be accepted.

So this week's column will probably be at Scragged. They will apply the title that they think is appropriate.