Sunday, January 13, 2019


Yes, that date is correct. I have been in the hospital since the day before Thanksgiving, and It is looking like more is to come.

On the day before Thanksgiving, on November 21, I suffered an event which the medical powers that be decided to term a mini stroke (TIA). However, the effects were devastating to my body. My left side which has been largely unaffected by the number of previous events was severely stricken with widespread numbness and semi-paralysis.

After weeks of recovery, I have been allowed to return home, but things are not right. Most sensation is returned to my left side, but right side quivers and shakes have severely worsened; I can only walk a few steps aided by a walker; my speech is subdued and slightly slurred; my left side is far less robust than it has ever been.

Two falls on Friday which required the presence of ambulance help and the experience of taking a shower today have convinced me that I must seek a higher degree of care than I thought would be necessary. That will be the mission for the coming week.

I did complete an article for Scragged today. It was inspired by my hospitalization and some similar thoughts which stem from Tom Wolfe's book about the evolution of speech,The Kingdom of Speech. I brought his thoughts together with my experience for an article that is uniquely tailored to the events of my recent past.

So I am not a basket case quite yet. I can still use the English language and can still string together coherent thought. There is hope for me, yet.

An upside, if there is one, is that Mo was out of town on her England/Holland vacation, and did not have to endure all the ups and downs of my hospitalization firsthand.