Sunday, November 18, 2018


Back to the grind of the last few seasons for the Volunteers. Another ignominious defeat at the hands of Missouri, which has a much better football team than they were getting credit for. Their starting quarterback is a pinpoint passer par excellence, and the score would have been two touchdowns higher if his receivers had held onto the ball. The final score was an embarrassing 50-17.



Fires in California are far more than embarrassment with over 30 known dead at this point. Some 350 people are missing, although most will probably turn up having fled the scene of the fire in abject haste.

It is how we have written before. The back-to-nature crowd of the big o – with the refusal to clear debris from forested land – set up the inevitable scenario for this devastation. And the devastation was far worse than even we doomsayers had thought.



Meanwhile, the Florida brouhaha has begun to resolve itself. Our new Republican governor, Ron Desantis has accepted the communist opponent's concession and will be inaugurated in January. The Senate race is still not official, although Bill Nelson is looking more and more like a sore loser. Even Broward County officials are beginning to show their dismal face as the hand recount is revealing a solid loss for the long-term senator.

Bill Nelson was a rotten, do-nothing Democrat, whose main accomplishment was to put stumbling blocks in front of swamp drainers trying to clean up Washington. I think Governor Scott will make a fine senator.