Sunday, November 11, 2018




We knocked off number 11, Kentucky in a startling 24 – 7 win in Knoxville. Tennessee kept our visions of a bowl game alive. Next week we play Missouri, which is now a SEC team, and has a record of

2-4 in the conference, which is identical to Tennessee's. With two more conference games, we could finish the season with a 4 – 4 record in conference, and 6-5 overall. That miserable record would allow us to participate in a Bowl. We might get invited to the Orange Pit Bowl in Orlando, or the Liberty Bowl in Memphis.

Vanderbilt, our traditional season-ending game is Thanksgiving weekend, and Vanderbilt is pretty good this year.


We have Democrat shenanigans plaguing us again in the counting of votes in Broward County. The Broward County Commissioner who is in charge of the vote count is a flagrant Democrat partisan who should have been removed from office after her performance in the 2000 elections.

Today is Sunday. The election was held Tuesday, and the vote tally by law shall be completed before midnight of the day following the elections.

Broward County was still "counting absentee ballots" at that time. Votes for Rick Scott showed that he had one the Senate election at that time, but his lead has decreased from some 60,000 votes to a current 24,000. That awful woman who is in charge of the vote count will not even commit to a time when the number of votes made will be given.

The partisanship and vote rigging is blatant. That woman should be jailed.

Election finagling is a Democrat tradition that is being proudly upheld by the Broward County powers that be. Votes are being found; votes are being discovered in the most unlikely of places.

This is a Democrat tradition: Chicago, Minnesota, Florida. The racial election rigging of the mid 20th century has been shut down, but the tactics Democrats use date back to that time. They have a long sordid history of pulling this crap.

Have Republicans been caught in election rigging even once, anywhere, anytime?