Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Donald Trump is amazing. The things that he is doing in the announcement of Secretary of State are designed to keep whoever is listening in suspense over who the nominee will be.
This is a technique of persuasion.

I have never seen any of his TV shows, but I know that this is a general technique that he used frequently. And here we are again, sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the proclamation from on high. He will eventually tell us, after he has allowed the suspense to build. This will of course raise the public awareness of this decision and make the new secretary of state into a huge celebrity.
This is all showmanship. But it has the effect of smoothing over feathers that he ruffled in his campaign.
His dinner with Mitt Romney last night was more in the same vein of raising suspense. Whether Mitt Romney is chosen or not is almost irrelevant in Trump's grand scheme, which is to sweep as many into the tent of supporters as he can. When he has finished with all the nominations, some of which require Congressional approval, the public will think that they were part and parcel of the process.
The public will feel, every individual, that they helped in making the selection. They will then have an enduring piece of the action. Many on the left who were part of the opposition will be made to feel that they are part of the solution without ever having changed their minds.
I don't know who the Secretary of State will be – probably not Mitt Romney, there's too much of a score to settle – but the announcement will be hailed as a huge (yuge) general agreement that here is the winner.
The way Trump has done this, he will win buy-in even from people who voted against him. This is his goal to persuade everyone to support those choices. It has nothing to do with the intellectual exercise of selecting people who agree with him, but it has to do with having the public support for his decisions.
Absolutely masterful.
It is very hard to know what the true value that Trump's amateur status holds. One of the most interesting things that is occurring now, repeatedly, is the failing of the political class to understand the situation that Trump's election has brought.

They cannot think outside the box or even conceive that there is an outside to the box they are in. And it's the entire political class, Democrats, Republicans, journalist types, writers, and pundits of all stripes – with the marked exception of me of course.
This president looks at things a lot differently than any of his predecessors for a hundred years or more. His training as a developer has been centered on a single concept: making a profit.
And he does this through several simple concepts. The concepts are simple, but the devil is in the details. Trump has put together a coterie of individuals who are actually used to making a profit in their businesses. This is a wild departure from the people who usually serve in government.
People who usually serve in government, especially Democrats, think that a showing of care for a project and a series of good intentions is sufficient. 
Donald Trump knows differently. He understands putting together a project, designing it, building it, ensuring quality throughout, and selling it for a profit is the thing that ensures long-term success.
Those things that are the procedures for a developer's projects are the same procedures that can be used in any complex endeavor. The terminology used to describe the steps of different disciplines will change, but the same types of management skills are needed regardless of what the steps are.
Donald Trump is a doer. This is where he departs from the type of person, with the exception of a few Republicans, that we have had occupying the Oval Office since the 1920s. It is going to be interesting to see someone in that office who knows how to get things done.
It has been a very long time coming.
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Castro is Dead
He will not be missed
We finally said goodbye to a thoroughly evil presence in our world this past Friday. Fidel Castro is dead, finally.

He ruled the tropical paradise of Cuba with his iron thumb on her throat for a half-century. For that entire time the people of Cuba were stalled in the 1950s.
There are not enough bad things to say about a communist who held an entire population in his thrall, allowing only enough progress to maintain a subsistence level in their lives.

This was a man who imprisoned protesters on a whim and murdered thousands for the egregious sin of speaking their mind. It's a true shame that we in the United States must be reminded how others are treated for actions which we, here behind the safety of our Constitution, regard as our God-given right.
This reminder must include the fact that the only thing that keeps us safe from this ill-treatment is that Constitution, and the holding of our government to that promise.
Millions of Cubans born here in the United States are celebrating, and millions more in sympathy are wishing them well. But Cubans in Cuba are enduring an eight day period of mourning imposed by the evil government of that state.
Our sympathies go out to them with the hope for a hard earned easing of the repression in that country.
In an article in National Review today, Andrew Stuttafford related the story that immediately after the Cuban Missile Crisis Kruschev wrote to Castro telling him that the thermonuclear war he had nearly caused would have been a bad thing.

Think of that.

Castro had to have it explained to him that global thermonuclear war was not a desirable outcome. He had taken the position that the Soviet Union should launch their missiles at the US, who obviously would have retaliated.

Cuba would probably have been turned into cinders along with much of the rest of the world. We (I) tend to forget the paranoia of daily life in the sixties. They say that it isn't paranoia if they really are out to get you.

Castro was a real prince of a guy.

Attention must be paid to each and every one of those details, or it will unleash its contained devil. Therefore he is selecting a group of Washington outsiders who are familiar with the concepts that must be employed in business.Donald Trump knows differently.