Sunday, December 03, 2017

Quoting myself in a comment to an article by Phil Gramm in the Wall Street Journal dated Friday, December 1:


"Mr. Gramm is giving the big o far too much leeway in his gentle, chiding manner. 
Obama was far and away the worst president of modern times, making even Jimmy Carter look good by comparison.

It is almost as if Obama put forth a plan to make his time in office be a time to punish the American people for having it so good, for living in a country where individual success could happen through the efforts of a person.
He (Obama) tried his best to see that the only efforts that were rewarded were the ones implemented through the sleight-of- hand of government largess."


Sen. Gramm is a courteous person. He doesn't want to make an inflammatory statement about an ex-president. I am not constrained by the same conventions that bind the senator.


Barack Obama was a bad president, the worst of the last 100 years. He was a self-serving ideologue who used his race as a bludgeon against his enemies, mainly in the Republican Party. He was instrumental in perpetuating and intensifying the 'swamp' that Pres. Trump promised to drain. He appointed a known racist, Eric Holder, into the position of Attorney General, and followed Holder's resignation with the appointment of an ineffectual black woman, Loretta Lynch, into the job.


Those two perpetuated, along with Obama, an eight year regime of race baiting, inventing racial happenings, promoting racial violence, and aggravating racial tensions as they ignored some real racial problems – the thousands of black people murdered in Chicago, o's hometown, among other disasters that beset Blacks in the US.


And over-spending a record $10+ trillion, approximately equivalent to the entire national debt from every president who preceded him.


Barack Obama was a "Community Activist," and that's all he ever was. He never understood the enormity of his job, impressed as he was with the enormity of his own ego.


He was a little man trying to fill big shoes. And he couldn't do it. His best efforts were weak and ineffectual in the face of a world becoming more dangerous by the day. This proud country, even the United States of America, was unable to remain premier as it was assaulted from within.


And that was his ambition: to reduce the United States to the level where it should be. He wanted to take the US down to the level of Sweden, or Greece. The US deserved nothing better.


Who knows what his motivations were. The familiar trope of racism, the evils of capitalism, and other Marxist and socialist dogma were his background, and his goals were to level the playing field, or so he implied.


He restrained the mighty economic engine of US capitalism to the lowest level of growth that it had experienced in decades. He pushed his anti-capitalist agenda as far as he could given the restraints of even his own party. He increased regulatory restrictions in nearly all sectors, increasing government regulations by a factor of two. Democrats know how to do regulations.


Across the board, in every sector, Obama made difficult the exercise of free will. He dramatically increased the welfare rolls, foodstamp payments, and extended government largess into the middle class where he could. The size of government grew where he could make it happen.


Race relations, which had reached an uneasy truce in the early 90s, were inflamed by the feckless way he treated every single incident which occurred, building a legacy of lies about racial incidents which is still the Mainstream Media narrative to this day.


In an area where his race could have made a very large difference, and improved the status quo of the time, he used the willing press to make his divisive influence into a fake history of those current events. He used every opportunity to further his agenda of divisiveness. The awful race relations climate that we are experiencing now, even though the more egregious events have receded from the headlines, is one of suspicion and blaming of the other side, with no effort being made to set circumstances for understanding one another.


It's as if we have entered into some contests in which there is a myriad of choices of wrong, but nothing is right.


Libs are not just the in the wrong, they are the enemy. From their standpoint, our preferences are not only unacceptable, they are laughable and absurd. The rancor between the parties was exacerbated during his years by Obama's arrogance and lack of respect for anone with an opinion which differed in the slightest from his own.


Barack Obama gave us many reasons to despise him. He was (is) a socialist, a condescending egotist, a kowtowing sellout to the mood of the governments of the world (didn't work). His way of governing the United States was all too ready to subordinate our interests to the whims of other powers. He had no ideas of his own, and chose the ideas to adopt from the Saul Alinski playbook "Rules for Radicals." This is a very small set of circumstances for the government of a 21st-century superpower. He was incapable of envisioning more.


These precepts were set before he took office, and he did not change as circumstances arose. He maintained that limited outlook throughout his presidency, without learning much about how the world works, or if he did, it did not show.


Now, Donald Trump is doing his best to undo the things that Barack the Awful set into motion. There is so much that he did, whole departments and programs that must be put right, that this process will take many years. There are probably crypto changes that will not reveal themselves anytime soon.


Barack Obama is not a stupid man, but his arrogance allowed him to assume that the citizens of the United States had been converted to his way of seeing things. Thus, many of the things that he did to us, he did by executive decree rather than going through the congressional process required to make changes legal and permanent. In his mind, Hillary would be following his lead, like a lapdog, continuing his policies to the point where they would become so entrenched in habit and bureaucracy that there would be no un-doing of them.


He had the opportunity to make permanent changes, but he was too arrogant to see the his mistaken ideas as they were. He didn't see  the weakness of his positions. He assumed that all would see his rightness. He was wrong in that assumption and many others. He has left the Democrat party with a greatly reduced set of options.


Unfortunately, it will take many many years to fix the damage that eight years of Obama wrought. Our Republic can take it, though. Let's erase him from our collective memory.