Friday, November 25, 2016
Black Friday
On shopping: This year, there seems to be nothing that I'm crazy about getting, and little that I'm even interested in. Perhaps that's a good thing.
It has been many years since I have enjoyed the process of shopping. Since I discovered the joys of mail order in the 80s, there has seemed to be no need to put up with all the hassle that shopping requires. And then enter Amazon...
It just dawned on me that I've been relying on Amazon for 20 years! 
Buying Mo's car was a real chore, one which I did not enjoy at all. Of course the car was not for me, so that may have played down the joy of acquisition somewhat.
There was a time not so long ago when car shopping was an absolute delight. New cars are just boring now. They've all gotten so good that there just doesn't seem to be much impetus to pick one over the other.
In many cases differences between brands of cars in the same class are very subtle, and come down to a simple matter of buyer choice as opposed to model superiority as it was not too long ago.
Many cherished products that we once had fights about, each of us proclaiming the superiority of his favorite until the fisticuffs began, have now become commodities. This happened with amplifiers, then tvs, and now cars.
The old days of brand superiority are no more.
Monday, November 21, 2016


Donald Trump has put the mainstream media in a tizzy. He has won the single most important office in all of the world without doing it the 'right' way. And he has beaten the holder of the key to that office, the one who had been groomed to the seat of power, the one who was destined to become  the first female president, the one who no scurrilous behavior on her part  could spoil.

No circumstances were to have allowed Mr. Trump into that sanctum of power which is only granted to those who are elite, who are born to their position at the head of the hierarchy.


Hillary Clinton fit the mold. Donald Trump did not.Except that the American people did not see it that way.


Donald Trump will be our next president.


I read about elite opinion in lots of places, I hear them referenced on Fox TV, and I hear and read about them everywhere it seems.


Who are these people? What is an elite anyway? What qualifies someone to be a member of the elite?

I surely don't know. But I can give some qualifications to be an elite in our plebeian society.

Elites are liberal Democrats. They were given Harvard or Yale educations at great expense, of which cost their families took nary a notice. They obtain jobs – careers – at elite institutions, like the New York Times or Goldman Sachs. They rub shoulders with the Northeastern or Southwestern movers and shakers at their country clubs and polo pitches.

Well, that is all common knowledge, but it doesn't really say who the elites are.
I have met a few in my day, and they all seemed to be somewhat phony. The money was real, the status was real, but the person talking to me was not.

There always seems to be something far more important than the issues at hand that is occupying the mind of a true elite. He was in the same room with me, but yet he was not completely there. Maybe if I had been an elite also he would have found it in his heart to have been paying more attention. The distraction and otherworldly preoccupation seem to be hallmarks of the class.


Maybe I'm confusing reality with the myriad of movies I've seen where elites are portrayed. Or maybe the actors were nailing those personality characteristics.

Maybe the elites really are that vacuous and self-centered, and the Hollywood actors got them right.

How do these well educated, cultured, well informed individuals get things so wrong. And in the case of judgment involving Mrs. Clinton, how do they get things so completely backward.

The European intelligentsia, the South American aristocracy and the elites of the United States are still in shock. Denial is a very strong personality disorder, and can become a permanent condition. It appears that this is the malady that has come over those people that I have described.

Barack Obama invited Donald Trump to a meeting in the White House for 15 minutes. The meeting actually went for 45. At the press conference afterwards it was a less than ebullient Obama sharing the stage with Donald Trump who looked to be the one in control.

Which brings me to the point of all this: Obama, the press corps, and all of the elite class have been rendered irrelevant. Donald Trump is doing what he needs to do to organize his administration and move on down the road. The Democrats and their hangers on judged everything having to do with this election, and they got it wrong. The elites got it wrong, the press got it wrong, the Democrats got it wrong.

And as of this day, they are continuing to get it wrong. They are in a state of denial, which they will leave only when they realize how much our American society has shifted away from them. When that realization occurs is anybody's guess. For a lot of them it will not be soon – good.

There has been a change in the mood of the country. I hope it is permanent.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

This day will be one that I either look back upon very fondly or learn to rue, as in rue the day that…

Mo and I are heading into Lakeland in search of her new car which I decided Friday that she needs. Her Hyundai has proven to be an excellent car, but it is getting rather long in the tooth even though it is only 3 1/2 years old. In that length of time, she has put 90,000 miles on it.

The new warranty offered by Lakeland Hyundai is a lifetime! Warranty, which will go a long way toward putting my mind at ease as she rolls up the miles.

I wish Mo and myself luck.

More later.