Friday, November 18, 2016
As I write this, Donald Trump is conducting interviews for key positions in his government. Word is that Jeff Sessions, Sen. from Alabama and one of Trump's initial supporters, has been offered the job of Attorney General.

Several other high order Republicans were at the Trump Tower yesterday, paying their respect, or being interviewed for jobs in the Trump administration.
Two of the gentleman who showed up were Henry Kissinger and Mitt Romney. Who knows what those visits were for since it seems unlikely that anyone Mr. Kissinger's age would be wanting to go back to work, and the antagonism that Mr. Romney exhibited toward Donald Trump during the campaign cycle was extreme.
Democrats are not going to give up. They never do, but they are making noises like they are going to accept defeat and are willing to play second fiddle. I don't believe a syllable of it. Rush Limbaugh used to poke fun at Democrats on a regular basis, but they stopped being funny with the ascendency of Barack the Magnificent. It appears that the laughability factor is getting started up again; their antics are unintentionally funny, but their nature is deadly serious.

The Dems have done this before, and Republicans fall for it every single time. I keep using the same analogy – Charlie Brown and the football – and it keeps being accurate. If there's one thing that's as sure as death and taxes, it is Democrat duplicity.
Specifically, the latest news from the Democrats is that their House Minority Leader position is being mildly contested . The news is all the Sturm und Drang of the selection, for the umpteenth time, of the fossil, Nancy Pelosi, as minority leader. Tim Ryan, representative from Ohio, has delayed the naming of Ms. Pelosi to the minority leadership in the house for a week or so. The indication is that he is going to run against her.
And there is another candidate, this one a black Muslim (of course) looking to establish himself.

The one thing missing is a black lesbian transsexual who believes that Bernie Sanders was abducted by two Moonmen named Fred and Barney. These are the Dems we know well.

In other news...
As has become de riguer,  Democrats have hired event disruptors and casual thugs as protesters to the transfer of power from the lame Obama – oops, left out the duck – to the surging Donald Trump. George Soros needed the tax deduction, I suppose.

These tactics seem to work quite well on the easily convinced left. We are hearing all kinds of weird tales of people in psychological straits because of the fear of all the harm that Trump-kins will wreak upon them. There are crisis centers, counseling sessions, and even sensory deprivation therapy available to those liberal snowflakes who find themselves in dire straits.
It is impossible to over-satirize this behavior. The left has a monopoly on some things, and this is one of their exclusives that we can enjoy in a multitude of ways. 
Sunday, November 13, 2016
The press still isn't getting it. It has been five days since the election, and they are still making excuses for themselves and trying to figure out where the voters went wrong. There is information being bandied about that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote. This is entirely possible.

And they are grousing about the disparity between the vote of the electors and the vote of the people based on headcount. This is entirely in context with the Constitution, was ordained to be this way by the founding fathers, and is what they intended.

In the Bush V Gore election of 2000, there was a similar outcome. Al Gore actually did win the popular vote, just as Hillary seems to have won this one.

It doesn't matter. The electoral college, when it convenes, will do its duty and elect Donald Trump to the office which he deserves. We have this discussion every time the vote is close.
The electoral vote is the one that counts, and it is a clear win for Trump.
On Thursday, Donald Trump met with Obama. The two were slated for a meeting of approximately one hour but they stayed together in private for more than 30 minutes more.

At the press conference afterward, Mr. Obama tried to act like he had been in control of the meeting but it just did not come across that way. It was obvious who had held the reins as their meeting progressed, and their body language gave it away.

I think that Obama even gained a little terror in his regard for Donald Trump. And well he should, since he is an arrogant buffoon whose biggest contribution to a conversation is all about himself and what he wants. It is hard to imagine how anyone bought his bullshit for eight long years. He is unquestionably the worst president of modern times. I think that this is because of hubris, that failing that is composed of arrogance, pride, and being a know-it-all (Tom wrote hibristically).
Obama is finally getting his comeuppance at the hands of The Donald. He tried to be presidential, but it just didn't work. It was obvious who had held the reins as their meeting progressed, and their body language gave it away.
Mr. Obama has gotten away with this behavior for his entire life because he's part black. Mr. Trump does not buy that.
Did I  mention that I'm not a fan of Mr. Obama?

Nancy Pelosi, as the ongoing minority Leader.