Sunday, November 19, 2017

This morning's Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article about oil technology (in motors) and how it will keep fossil fueled engines competitive 


This is the wave of the future. Gasoline engines have a huge advantage over hybrids. They do not require a monster battery, and can be sold at a huge discount over the same car in hybrid mode. This is being done currently by several different companies, including Hyundai, which manufactures a model of my wife's car in hybrid mode. I have never driven one, or even ridden in one, so I have no way of comparing the two. I suspect that the hybrid is a good deal heavier than the gasoline car, and I know that the price difference is not inconsequential.


In yesterday's Wall Street Journal was another interesting article about how Germany has squandered its position in energy usage. Angela Merkel has committed her country to dependence on "renewables," which is a direction that our friends in the wacko left been pushing this country for decades.


In a post last week, we railed against the windmill boondoggle, and this is another one. The average Joe doesn't want to pay attention to a meaningful education in energy usage and the techniques involved with converting various kinds of fuels and sources into power that he can use, he is too busy trying to make a living.


Germany has made some very stupid mistakes, immigration of millions of Muslims with no contest, government-backed development of renewables, the invention of the Wankel engine, and a couple of others – leaving aside their gullibility in selection of government types. These mistakes will put their engineering expertise in a very bad position of trying to lift their country out of a very deep pit.

These three posts seem to be pushing me toward a second "Scragged" article on energy. Heaven knows it's a rich battleground area of discussion.


On a personal note, I have reactivated myself with Rich Weaver's help into a working architect, once more. Rich has developed that side of his business into a thriving enterprise, and there is actually work for me to do. The company is Roof Asset Management (R A M) and I am Vice President and Architect of the firm. Currently working on a bank building in Tallahassee.


Wish me luck, I will probably need it.