​Sunday, June 4, 2017

Here is a Kimberly Strassel editorial on the Trump progress. This progress is unknown if the MSM is your only source of news.


We have had several instances this week of the wacko mentality that drives liberals. Their derangement is unpredictable in the sense of guessing what form it will take, but the fact of the derangement is obvious. We have a  number of individuals, a large number, who have deluded themselves into hysteria. They associate with others who share their views, and it becomes mass hysteria.


That is the  response we are seeing  to the Donald Trump presidency.

Trump has proven time and again that he is a reasonable person. Although he has definite, hardbound standards, almost everything  is negotiable  in one  form or another.


Our world is undergoing a mass transformation. There are many things that are changing before our eyes. The Left has been in charge in Europe, the United States, and in parts of the rest of the world for a century. The failings of the Left have become apparent everywhere.

The single thing that has begun to unseat the Left is technology. The  leaders of the Left even admit that they are out of their depth when discussing it. Just think of  Hillary Clinton  asking "…what with a cloth?" when discussing wiping her server.


She knew better, of course, but it was the kind of stupid joke that non-technical people  would find funny. It  shows  the complete dissociation from technological reality  that many in politics  think is charming. At least they think their voters will fall for it. This is incredibly ironic, given that the political bent of the technological class is invariably Democrat.

This  writer worked at a computer company during the 80s, and the experience gained has served me well over the years. This knowledge is a necessity now, and without it, a person  is lost.

A telling  statistic is that the median income for a four person family in the US is under $50,000,  while in Seattle, one of the technological centers of the US, this same group of people earn $70,000. That is 40%  difference.

Seattle is where the demand for $15 an hour as a minimum wage  originated.

We are on the cusp of change.  Do people in Seattle live better than people in Tampa? I've been to Seattle. You could pay me $50,000  per minute, and I wouldn't live there. Well,  maybe.  Fifteen dollars per hour  in Seattle is equal to about  $10 per hour  in Tampa.

Inequalities in pay from one part of a country to another, or one class of workers to another are the things that have historically brought about  revolutions. People in Seattle probably don't live better than people in Tampa. People in Tampa will hear about the difference in pay, but will get no information about the cost of living in Seattle. Many may be tempted to move, and will be surprised at the cost of living there.

Citizens of Tampa will feel slighted by the country for whom they have served. This will affect military and non-military alike.

Thus, can seeds of revolution begin to germinate.

The example I'm using is only that, an example. But a similar kind of thing can happen. The disparity of technological wherewithal is probably going to be that seed that will germinate. Unrest in areas of the country that are lagging behind the elite who enjoy technological advancements are separated by vast differences (as opposed to half-vast ones– pun intended) geographically.

Technological centers are located in specific, relatively small areas: Boston, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and a few other places. These areas are flourishing financially, while the rest of the country languishes in slow, Obama-retarded growth.

What will the Trump boom bring? The stock market  has regained its steady upward movement, businesses seem to be optimistic, and the energy sector has slipped from under the thumb of the repression placed upon it during the last eight years.

There are two huge (Yuge) trends: the economic and the technological. These are both ripe for revolution.