Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Well, the numbers are in. Every indication was that  Barack Hussein Obama was an incredibly expensive president, but nothing prepared me for the numbers. The numbers cited in the article enclosed are for the expenses  dealing with federal regulations, and do not include inflation, federal spending on various little things like obamacare and other ways that Washington wastes our money.

The amount of money the big o spent on government regulations amounted to the seventh-largest economy in the world.


The article is titled appropriately, Click here to read "The $600 Billion Man."

And that is PER YEAR.


I wonder if we could put him to work "Pearl Diving" (the old euphemism for washing dishes) so he can help earn his keep.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

*** Fair warning:  This weeks  column  is a rant against Barack Obama. A little communism is also thrown in for good measure.

Obama may have done his worst, but he isn't finished with us quite yet. We are still discovering damage that he has done to our country.


The article by Kimberly Strassel found here is about just one person who is in a pivotal position, and who still has  a good bit of  influence in our government. We don't yet know what other delayed action items he left for us to discover.


Working in our favor is the fact that the big o is a  thoroughly arrogant man who cannot conceive of the fact that he is despised by many people who want to see  him fail. This writer is one of those.

The revelations of this past week indicate that his last few months in office were spent corrupting the NSA,  the CIA, and the other security agencies  who specialize in foreign intelligence. This is is no surprise. The fact that he used them in illegal ways to perform surveillance inside the United States upon US citizens goes right along with the way he perceives his place in the world.


Thank God Republicans got control of Congress and can stop him. Of course, that is a mixed blessing.


We must assume that a president who had such a high opinion of himself took steps to be sure that he left office with some deeply entrenched programs in place. We assume that some of these were designed as time bombs, and will be going off for years. Let's hope that the Trump administration is able to uncover these little gifts from the big o before they do the damage that they were designed to do.

I don't believe in good and evil in the classical sense, divorced from  human will, but I do believe that individual people can inflict evil upon others and that they do so intentionally. I think that Barack Obama is one of those evildoers, and I think that he has been one for a very long time.

History is replete with examples  of men who were evildoers like Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and others. I'll not  use the most invoked name in this context, because he was a piker in comparison to others of that ilk. The two that I mentioned have earned a great deal of insulation from those in our country who frequently use the names of villainous individuals.

The pantheon of villains lists certain people, but not others, because of political affiliation. Somehow those who are affiliated with egregious acts and are also communists or socialists like the two mentioned are given a pass. Because their politics is of a certain sort, it is less bad that they murdered hundreds of thousands or even millions.

As far as o is concerned, Fidel Castro and his brother Raul were two choirboys who were only in it to help out the farmers of Cuba. The fact that they murdered millions while holding the population of that beautiful country in chains is the story that is crafted to shield these two Communists from the opprobrium of the free world. The absurd lengths  that he took in shielding the Castro brothers, while receiving their utter contempt shows how o set his mind.

This is the company that Barack Obama keeps. His misdeeds  are small in comparison to the ones of the Castro brothers and the evil murderers of Argentina, but he is a relatively young man. His ambition is to become Secretary General of the UN,  or some other international Czar.

From that position, there is no telling  what he could do.


It came to mind earlier this week that there is a new way of looking at  Communism. This is a political philosophy that is grounded in the disembodied evil mentioned above. Communism is a soul killer, not just atheistic in teaching, but a grinding down of humanity.


There is no upside to communism. The joylessness  of the Soviet Union is being perpetrated  by the destruction of some of the great art and architecture of the world that was inherited by the evil powerful when they took over  in 1917. No  art or architecture of any quality has arisen from that country since then.

The word Communism has lost the evil cachet that it held when I was young. The fact that the United States won the Cold War has, ironically, enervated the Russians, and removed the stink from their system of governance.