Sunday, May 20, 2018

Yesterday was the Royal Wedding, which I tried to ignore. However, it was on all the broadcast channels and Fox News, wall-to-wall. I responded to that with my usual aplomb: I was raving mad.

Except that, amid my ravings, there was coverage of the building in which it was being held: St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, Berkshire. This is a stunningly beautiful example of British architecture of the medieval period, having been built originally in 1475.

I strongly recommend that you follow this link to see gorgeous photographs of the building. The chapel is the embodiment of the entire philosophy of the  Gothic architects: make the infill between structure as light as possible and use as much glass as can be fit between the columns.

[When looking at the images, start with the OPEN In MEDIA VIEWER at the lower left of the image, and return with the MORE DETAILS at the lower right of the image. The image viewer seems a little unpredictable, but there are eight views of the chapel if you can figure out how to load them. I have set the first image as the stunning window, which is at the west end of the building, I think. There is a link at the little purple section under Summary that has a Flickr site of the photographer. That site has more images of this chapel and of other notable buildings in the surrounding area.]

This is probably the best of all the buildings I have ever seen in the expression of that architect's desire.

Utterly beautiful…