Sunday, May 13, 2018

There is an article in National Review which is a must-read for all of us who are Obama haters. It can be found here: The Worst Perversion.

Barack Obama was intentionally the worst president, probably of all time. He intended to pervert long-standing traditions of freedom and did so in an in-your-face manner that said "Try and stop me." He employed his power of intimidation and race taunting, and with his accomplice Eric Holder using his racism openly, he affected a series of actions intended to further his socialist agenda.

His socialism would have been flagrantly on display if not for his lapdog media. Nowhere was there any criticism of Obama's political goals, which are codifying socialist principles into the practice of the entire bureaucratic chain of the government.


Nowhere was Obama's left-leaning agenda more apparent than in the EPA:  standards were tightened, across-the-board, such that compliance became a major business impediment. Along comes Donald Trump, who put things right, to the displeasure of many. The EPA has served its purpose, and did so before the turn of the 21st-century. It needed to be defanged.

The last week, however, has revealed Obama's intentions and his efforts to keep them out of sight. John Kerry has reinforced his reputation as an executor of incredibly ill-intentioned efforts to appease an enemy state (Iran) with billions in largess.

The triumvirate of Obama-Kerry-Clinton can now be seen in all its glory as a subverter of American prestige and hegemony on the world scene. The intention was for Clinton to continue to undermine the US interests as she served her deserved term as Chief Executive.

Hillary is obviously bitter about the outcome of the (her rightful) election. She is spreading her bitterness and spite around the world; the latest recipient of her rants was Australia.

Meanwhile, BHO, it has been revealed, used the FBI to plant a mole in the campaign staff of Donald Trump, according to Kimberly Strassel's WSJ column on Friday. Obama really was the worst president, maybe in history.

Jimmy Carter was a bad president, but he was dumb. Obama has him beaten in Spades – where Carter was simply a screwup, Obama intentionally sought to 'put America in its place.' And he did this by kowtowing (literally) to foreign rulers, promoting his socialist agenda at home, and setting back race relations to the era before Martin Luther King.

It is becoming apparent what Obama's intentions were and he used his willing accomplices, Hillary and the French looking John Kerry, to further them. There is more to come, you can bet on it.