Sunday, March 25, 2018

Yesterday, Mo went to Tampa with her daughter and the kids for the 'demonstrations' over guns, spurred on by the shootings in Broward County a couple of weeks ago on Valentines Day. I refused to be a part of any of the nonsense.

When she returned, her account of the day was a far cry from the expectations I had. Her account of the events was one of a no-big-deal gathering along the downtown waterfront, where several groups of park users shared the place.

This differs mightily from the news reports of gatherings in other cities where speeches exhorted protestation behavior and semi-violent clashes between groups with varying views. It was the 60s/70s redux.

Except that it wasn't about seeing to it that students are safe. Democrats and the Left are using the event, sweeping the actual people who aggravated the situation under the proverbial rug, to stir up unrest over the existence of the Second Amendment. One protester stated that the Second Amendment is 'outdated' and needs to be revised.

This is grist for the mill of social change. Any excuse will do. Democrats are searching for a raison d'être, and may have stumbled upon one – they are certainly treating it as such.

And this after a week that culminated in a budget deal that illustrated the fact that the McConnell branch of the Republican Party has learned to spend money with the profligate ease of Democrats. Using the excuse that the military is in dire need after the neglect of the big o for the eight years of his administration, they were able to pass legislation that Donald Trump described as despicable and promised never to sign anything like it ever again.

We will see.

I join many who are very disappointed in this betrayal of Republican principles. This is what we have fought against for the entire time I have been a Republican – 50 years trying to keep Democrats in check.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were grinning ear to ear.

Democrats were barely able to contain their glee over these events. CNN had a field day. The stock market lost several hundred dollars on Friday.

Not a good week…