Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Swamp is wide and deep. We are only now discovering how pervasive it is in our capital. The FBI is tainted; next we will find deep-seated establishment bias in the Office of the Surgeon General – oops, that came out during the Clinton years when Jocelyn Elders held the office.

So I guess what we are finding out is that Washington DC has been in thrall of – is – the establishment.

Surprise, surprise.

Next, or rather previous, story: Russians spy on the US.

Surprise, surprise.

It's as if all old things are new again. Or maybe it's as if the people writing the news have short memories. No, they don't have short memories – they have no memories. They are young and they were told their entire lives that they are the only group which matters.

This morning there was news of a college in the Northeast who are waging to put an end to the teaching of the Crusades. The decision-makers at that school have decided that the Crusades were the ultimate expression of Islamophobia, which has become the cardinal sin.

These things are linked in the way that the people making decisions now have no cultural affinity for the United States and its history. In fact, the United States and its history has become the crazy old aunt that no one wants to talk about.

No one in their right mind wants to associate themselves with the wild notions that she has:
Equal Justice under the Law

There is that old saying "He who does not learn from history is condemned to repeat it" which is becoming increasingly  true, once again.

I suppose it is my duty as a seasoned citizen to grouse about the younger generation and how they know nothing of the way to run a country. That is a time-honored position of elderly folks of all cultures and of all epochs stretching back to before we recorded history to try to prove them wrong.

Recording history, though, only proved that they were right. And we are doing it again. Every civilization has had its version of the swamp. Some, like the Romans and the Greeks, had such strong civilizations that they were resilient for hundreds of years, able to withstand the stresses upon their core makeup, such that there are shreds of their glory which exist, still.

Which is what makes the assault on our civilization – Western Mechanized – so insidious. They are coming after our very core. It is our success which makes us vulnerable.

Islam is akin to the anti--technology movement of the 19th century called the Luddites, of British fame. Islam has a built-in set of beliefs against progress and individual achievement similar to the Luddites. There is no Islamic civilization that has succeeded in any but the most rudimentary of ways.

There are some Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia, and a few others, which have lots of money to spend, but in most cases that money comes from the exploitation of natural resources – petroleum. There was not much intellectual capital expended in those exploits. If you sit on a mountain of wealth, even a strongly antibusiness culture cannot suppress the world use of the resource.

But that antibusiness culture is beginning to express itself as a spreader of a major disease – Islam which is becoming more evident around the world.