​Sunday, June 11, 2017

I have passed a great milestone.

More than two and a half years ago, November 2014, I began writing my book 'Shemya.' It is now available, as of Thursday, for purchase at all the big vendors of books.

I'm so damn proud of myself  that I don't quite know what to say, which for me is a rather new state of being.

Click here for entry into this whole new persona of mine. That website is the portal to the books I write as Thomas Anderson, my alter ego. Currently there are two, 'Shemya' and 'Two Wheels/Two Weeks.'

The Amazon link on the Shemya site leads to a page for my book, but the book photo is missing. It is the same page that had that the photo yesterday. I guess they will get it straightened out.


Very few of you were cognizant of me at the time of the book, November 1968 through September 1969, but it was a time when I was still in the Air Force, serving on a horrible little island at the far end the Alaskan Aleutian chain 230 miles from Russia. That is what the book is about – me and my experiences during that period of time at that awful place.


The place was bad, but the experience was of real things of import to the entire world, and I had a minor role in that. 

All the characters names have been changed, except for Batman and Wayne Harper, whose names are pertinent to the story.

I have used a pen name and the whole book is in first person, so the story is revealed from a different viewpoint from what you are used to seeing of it.

I have completely lost perspective on whether or not the book is any good because of the number of times I have read it. I have been involved in the correction and re-correction of many items which began to loom in my perception of the story to a much larger and more important presence than was reality. Or not. I have lost the ability to be able to tell.