Sunday, July 01, 2018

A new opportunity has arisen for Donald Trump. Justice Kennedy has just announced his retirement, and Trump will have an opportunity for a second Supreme Court appointee. This will make the conservative majority 6-3 if things go well.

Liberals are gnashing their teeth and raising the argument of Merrick Garland being appointed during the last year of the big o's final term. Mitch McConnell declared his appointment a cold day in hell, and successfully shelved it – one of McConnell's few popular successes.

Obama got Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, two mediocre appointments, who were an undisguised attempt to tilt the court to the left.

I, of course, think that it is just retribution to allow Donald Trump the same two chances to further his agenda. His two nominees will tilt the court decidedly to the right 6-3. This is as it should be. The court has too long been in the thrall of the left.

They are already screaming, talking about Roe V Wade and that the upcoming abortion fight will bring that decision into question. I don't think that decision will be overturned, but it is comical to see how insecure its proponents are at the least hint of controversy.

The left is only comfortable with controversy if they are the ones that create it.