​Sunday, June 25, 2017

Our country has a crisis brewing. In the House and the Senate the two parties have seemingly lost their way.


Democrats, on the one hand, are determinedly against everything that Republicans propose, which is no surprise. What is a surprise, is that the things that they wish to dwell upon are smoke and mirrors, with no substance at all. This incessant harping upon Russians hacking into our voting apparatus is a distraction to shield the fact that Democrats have no message and no constructive direction to point the attention of anyone who cares to listen.

On the other hand, Republicans are  at loggerheads over how healthcare dollars will be spent. Again, smoke and mirrors.

Both parties are behaving pretty much as anyone would expect. The mainstream media has become unabashedly Democrat-centric, and will continue in that vein for the foreseeable future.

The most disturbing aspect of recent political happenings has been the attack on the Republican baseball team in DC. Democrats made a small show of bipartisanship on the night of the game, but things returned to normal before the next business day began. The fact that a prominent Republican was seriously injured, and nearly died seemed to be lost on everyone but Fox News. Steve Scalise' shooting was received by Democrats in a number of different ways with a few offering heartfelt condolences. But Democrats who received more attention were the ones who offered their feelings of gladness (Phil Montag, Nebraska Democrat party functionary) over the situation that had rendered Congressman Scalise, the House Whip, near death on that day. Of course this followed the account of Kathy Griffin, the odious 'comedienne' who displayed a mock severed head made to look like Donald Trump in all its gory grotesqueness.

There were many similar accounts, with similar  substantive wishes, contained in the stories that the MSM related.

Which makes me wonder – what has happened to our country where the party that was out of power was referred to as 'the loyal opposition.'

The last time that I think there was a mutual respect for different political viewpoints was the relationship that Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill had with one another. Not since then have Democrats and Republicans acted civilly toward one another as their default attitude. The rancor has grown over the years where now, common courtesy between legislators is only maintained where the respective Sergeant at Arms of each house has the power to maintain order.

I wish I could blame this sorry state of affairs on Democrats. But, Republicans are part of the problem. I think that the general coarsening of civility in Congress has reached a state where it can no longer be looked at as a matter of fact trend.

Part and parcel of the coarsening of behavior in the houses of Congress has been the general trend – and this is laid at the feet of the Democrat party solely – toward violence in many of the places where Republicans choose to hold functions. This is a Democrat response wherever someone, Ann Coulter, for instance, is scheduled to speak. In the case of the Ann Coulter talk  at the University of California, Berkeley, the offer by the University to move the talk to a location off-campus was such an egregious alternative that Ms. Coulter  eventually refused to speak.

This was their goal, and they won. Keeping conservatives away from microphones is the purpose. Liberal thugs agenda is to silence the right. The passive/aggressive response was well programmed to see to a victory by the UC administration no matter what: if Ann Coulter decides not to appear, they win, or if she does appear, and there is a violent riot from the radical left, they also win.

The right is getting sick of this. I know I am. I am tired of seeing the conservative viewpoint relegated to a position where liberal snowflakes can maintain their intellectual insularity. They do this with no regard  to the fact that their lack of learning of other viewpoints is depriving them of the wonders of independent thought.

Their attitude is that systems of thought other than the ones promulgated by CNBC and the New York Times are not worthy of their time. That is their loss.