Sunday, June 24, 2018

The rising tide of resentment against Donald Trump is beginning to get so much attention that it occupies nearly all the news cycle.

The left hates him so much that they are immune to the realization that they are playing his game and leaving themselves vulnerable to the fate at the hands of the voters that they so richly merit. With any luck, a repeat of the Trump slam-dunk of Hillary is in the offing for November.

Trump is in control. Democrats and Establishment Republicans alike are suffering severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), identified by some perceptive soul several months ago. And I'm sure that all this is intentional. It would be just like the North Korea tactic that he pulled for him to have set up the opposition for a Trump-winning fall election – the Korea relations went from abject hatred to sincere bargaining in a period of time that all thought was impossible.

From the Lago Del Mar Publix that I did at a breakneck speed in the late 90s to the flagpole in the same development which rises many feet higher than the zoning board ever intended, we have been witnesses to his skill as a master manipulator of things that are important to his goals.

We are watching, I think, the same sort of tactic once again. He is setting up a snowstorm of reaction to inconsequential moves on his part, while the important work is going on unmolested beneath the surface.

There are  some good guys, DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen​
, for instance, who is paying a heavy price for being on the front lines. She has been rudely heckled and followed by mobs – even to her home's doorstep – protesting the  separation of immigrant parents and children. This is a fake fact, part of the Democrat campaign rhetoric that is questionable at best.

It is a part of Trump's plan, but his tactic may be hard to take for those on the inside who are experiencing the slings and arrows of the ill-informed mobs. Trump doesn't allow this kind of criticism and open hostility to bother him, and he figures that all of his minions should be able to take it like he does. Certain ones can, but others may not be able to. Ms. Nielsen would be a terrible loss if the considerable pressure were to get to her and make her quit.

But we have to assume that she can take it. And we have to assume that this is all a part of a plan. Trump's negotiations look simple, but they are not. They are involved, complex, and thought out long in advance.

That's the only way that his wealth could have increased the way it did in the morass of Florida real estate. He needed a Publix in his development, and we replied with one before the development was ready to support it. This became a pattern that Publix Real Estate Department began to repeat in certain developments around the South: they learned from the master.

That level of deep planning is a way of life for Donald Trump, and I'm certain that we will see the November election respond in the exact same way that the 2016 election did. I think that Trump was slightly unsure of the response to his actions that year, but he will not be in 2018.

He knows exactly what he is doing.