​Sunday, June 18, 2017

I have now been a published author for over a week, and I'm beginning  to understand some of the problems that are inherent in that status.


Amazon has chosen to market my book, but they have selected it to be one of the tiny fraction of their offered titles whose display is not consistent with the product, i.e. the cover photo displays for the electronic version but not the hard copy, and sometimes vice versa. All of the network gurus I have spoken to are baffled.

I, personally, had nothing to do with the Amazon account, which was handled by my publisher. They are working on a fix for the problem.

It seems that if something is going to go wrong, it will go wrong on the things that I worked on the hardest.


It still feels good to know that I am in that league of published authors. My next challenge is figuring out how to sell enough copies of it to make some money.


My second book has been written, and is in the rewrite stage in which editors and I go through it and make corrections. Many writers make huge changes in this stage, and I did with my first book. I think that this one will be somewhat less drastically altered, but major changes will be made.  


As a writer becomes more proficient, he can reduce the amount of change needed in a rewrite, but I am not to the point where the changes are simple and quick to perform. Even so, the changes that are needed are much less sweeping than on the first book.

I have given myself until 1 July to get the corrections done and get it ready for publication. I used Page Publishing Company for my first book, but I'm not sure  if I will use them again. They were pretty expensive. if my first book sells well, I may repeat the process with them.


The title of the second book is "Two Wheels/Two  Weeks" inspired by a trip I took on my motorcycle to Key West in 1974. The true story of that real trip to the keys, is that nothing happened to me of much note. However, upon returning home to Knoxville and telling some of my friends about the fun I had, they became inspired to repeat the journey.

There were four of them– all big guys, that car probably rode pretty low. They phoned me from Key West with a brag that they had run into Jimmy Buffett, and had been invited out on his boat. "Bullshit"  was my reply over the phone.


But when they returned, they had photographs.


And Buffett was featured prominently in many of them.


I tried to work that into the book somehow, but could not figure out a way that makes any sense. It makes a nice story, anyway. I might make it a postscript or some other adjunct to the story.  The book is fiction, so I can do whatever I want.

One of the advantages that writers enjoy is the ability to change their own name. It is the time-honored tradition of the 'Pen Name' that I have chosen to use in this endeavor. My pen name is Tom Anderson, which is merely my name leaving out the hard to spell 'Feazel' for convenience. I am allowing my pseudonym to utilize the appellation AIA even though the membership does not transfer to pen names.

Who knows? Maybe it will become as ubiquitous as Mark Twain was for Samuel Langhorne Clemens.

I can hope.