​Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It seems that the EPA is about to get its comeuppance. The article is here.


The Trump forces are mustering their resources to reduce the swamp at their doorstep. And if ever there was a righteous reckoning needed, it is with the Obama era EPA. This is an excellent article and I wish the forces of truth and light (and rainbows and puppies) all the best in dealing with these miscreants.


The EPA has had a free reign on their own rules and regulations for far too long. A lot of the environmental nonsense that is being perpetrated across the board will be questioned, and fair judgments on the status of many iffy policies can be expected.


​Sunday, July 16, 2017

A great editorial that will scare the daylights out of you is available at National Review. It is about the North Korean menace. It appears that they have us over a barrel. The article is by Victor Davis Hanson, the estimable editorialist. I have been a big fan of his for many years.

VDH thinks that we have no reasonable alternative in our dealings with North Korea. A buy-off of some kind is the only option that we have. I'll bet that Donald Trump is pulling his hair out over this situation.


Daniel Henninger has a Wall Street Journal column about Trump in Warsaw. An excellent read that can be found here or at the upper right marked "Western Civ."

The news this week was all about Russian duplicity and how they have involved themselves into US politics. Big deal. Russians have been doing this for decades. When the Soviet Union broke up, the politicos in Russia began using the KGB expertise that had held the entire Soviet Union under its thumb.

Russians are communists. They think that the way they run government is the way that government should be run. They think that their classless society is the perfect solution to the corruption and favoritism displayed by Western civilization. The indoctrination of Russian society is complete.

And wrong.

Russia has proved time and again that their concept of social structure produces a society replete with corruption and mis-allocation of resources. Their classless society is two classes – the workers (proletariat) and the ruling class. The proletariat starves while the ruling class dines on a diet of caviar and champagne.

The KGB is alive and well in the form of Vladimir Putin. The KGB specialty is subverting other governments. They do this with very powerful tools: dis-information and mis-information. They make other societies hold concepts that they deem appropriate to gain particular responses: J Edgar Hoover loved to dress in drag, and other subtle nudges in the direction of discrediting trusted figures and institutions.

They are good at this. They have been doing it for decades to great effect.

They are giving Democrats and the US mainstream media ammunition to further their cause of discrediting Donald Trump. The result of this disinformation is a monopoly of the news cycle which spends its time focusing on all the disinformation about Russia while neglecting real news about the events that are occurring at the behest of the Trump administration.

This is all that the Democrats and the MSM have to talk about: they will not publicize the multitude of successes that are being realized by the Trump team, and they cannot talk about non-existent Democrat wins.

The only thing left is to over-blow Democrat fantasies.

And this they are doing quite well.