Sunday, August 05, 2018

The continued anarchy from the left manifest by sanctuary cities, protests against ICE, and other indicators of the left's penchant for social unrest is proceeding apace. The entire West Coast seems about ready to drop into the Pacific Ocean. That would be a huge improvement.

I think the troubles began with the hippies of the 1960s and 70s. They are now the grand old men and women of the Democrat Party. All of those people are slightly younger than I am, and have gained in influence over the years.

They are now being seen as the scions of sophistication and political savvy, and are to be copied in all respects.

And as an influencing force for Democrats, this is correct. The actions that we see being performed on the Left Coast are echoes of the hippie era with the love emphasis missing. The only laudable thing about the hippies, their inclusion and their openness, has been supplanted with a nasty chauvinistic superiority that renders all who are outside their group-think klatch as inferiors.

There is a new racism that proclaims a false fact: these people cannot be guilty of racism because they are black. Yet they hate white people and Hispanics, many of whom have near-white skin, in equal measures. As in many beliefs of the poorly educated, this makes no sense.

And poorly educated was one of the purposes all along. As in many other nefarious endeavors of the left, it has succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. By harping upon social equality at the expense of hard knowledge, school systems have trained the population into a level of ignorance and gullibility that would have embarrassed even the most hard-core leftists of years gone by.

And, again, this was by intention. A stupid, gullible populace is missing the critical ability to question the information that is given and to come up with original ideas.

This is the purpose of dumbing down our educational system and injecting it with a plethora of irrelevant focus ideas to distract and mislead all who observe. Left-leaning and moderate parents will see no problems with their kids' educational emphasis being on social subjects, and right-leaning parents will homeschool.

The hippie education system has done exactly this. We are now stuck with two or three generations of public school educated people who cannot think for themselves. They have been taught not to. They have been taught that self-esteem and made-up achievements are more important than intellectual growth, and that social interaction is the education that they need rather than the learning that  courses of science and literature and art with intellectual rigor impart.

Where the left has succeeded in making our school system into a babysitting service, it has left us with generations who were born after ~1980 without critical thinking skills to rely upon. This was their intention, and with the wholehearted support of the teachers unions and other left-leaning groups within the education establishment, they have succeeded beyond anything they ever hoped for.

The genie is out of the bottle, and nothing can be done about that, but our emphasis should continue to be the defeat of the left. All the furor over Donald Trump shows that it can be done. The biggest problem now is to continue the high level of fight that the president has begun.