Monday, July 31, 2017


Someone is making the points I have been articulating for several decades.

As a mere architect, I do not possess the credibility that my more alarmist brethren in the scientific world have.

But I do have common sense, which is what is needed in this debate."

The above text is a comment I wrote in the Wall Street Journal about the article copied and placed here.

Climate change will not happen overnight. It will happen, as it always has, over decades. It will happen at a rate that the vegetation and the animal life (including humans) on the earth can adapt to.

And on top of that, the rate of climate change has not been verified. No evidence of cataclysmic change exists.

I am not much longer for this world on a climatological scale, but one thing that I predict will happen will be that there will be much better tasting vegetables for our enjoyment. Heat does that.


​Sunday, July 30, 2017

This week has been a study in media confusion. Rience Priebus was replaced on Friday. He was the Chief of Staff. He was replaced by four-star general (Retired) John Kelly, who brings with him a US Marines outlook on discipline.


People forget that Donald Trump went to military school in high school. His father determined that he needed the discipline that military school offered. From all indications, Trumps father was correct in his assessment of his son. The president tends to allow his attention to shift from topic to topic in a way that confuses many of the people around him.


Donald Trump has accomplished an amazing amount of work since he took office. A Supreme Court appointment, the establishment of heads of departments of the major elements of his government, many of whom had never worked in government, and several legislative victories that would all be headlines in any other administration.


All the while, he has been 'draining the swamp.'

Last week he caught mortal hell for attending and speaking to the Boy Scout Jamboree. I didn't see the speech he gave to that gathering, but I doubt that it was political. The MSM never misses an opportunity to warp the intentions of the president.

But, Donald Trump is doing all this confusion-making on purpose, I think. He sees, correctly, the mess that others see as a means of persuasion. Not being a disciple of the persuasive art, I can only read these things in a half-assed sort of way. And I may be misunderstanding the whole thing.

But the way I see it is that the confusion that the mainstream media reports to us is a misdirection of attention away from the reality of Donald Trump's intent. They have been kept busy for half a year with this stupid Russian story, which the Democrats are still focused upon, while they are not paying attention to things that make a real difference.

I think this is intentional. But I also think that Donald Trump allows his attention to wander and to make off-subject comments and Tweets which lead to further confusion. He has not learned that his every whim will be followed by his supporters like an edict from Olympus, and opposed by his detractors like a current from hell.

He still has a lot to learn about limiting himself. When he does, the results will be Yuge.