Sunday, July 29, 2018

My reeducation in the use of Microstation has proceeded well. I am now sort of competent in using it. I still make a lot of mistakes though.

Mo went with her grandkids to Universal Studios, where she stayed at a hotel with a 50s theme that the girls loved so much that they only went to Universal one day. Yahoo!

Jonah Goldberg, my ex favorite writer for National Review was on Fox news Sunday this morning, and he continues to disappoint. He truly hates Trump – you can hear it in his phraseology and demeanor when he talks about the political climate. His animus toward the Donald has really changed him. He used to be witty and rambunctious, but he is now oh so serious. His columns show that he has the same attitude toward life that he always did, but when around other commentators, he is much more like them. He didn't used to be like that.

I am having editing problems this morning, and I'm going to cut this short.