​Sunday, July 9, 2017

Big doings in Europe with the meeting of the G 20 nations, the first meeting of Trump and  Putin, and an opportunity for Angela Merkel to kowtow to her more stalwart heads of state. However, the most interesting occurrence was after Air Force One touched down in DC Saturday evening.


The plane had all the ramps and other accoutrements for the president and his lady to disembark onto US soil. The Donald and his elegant wife strolled down the exit stairs, and headed for a waiting limo, where the president kissed his wife and assisted her into the back seat. He then turned toward Marine One, the Marine helicopter.

The wind over the area where they transferred aircraft was obviously quite strong: the president's suit coat and his military escort uniform coat tails were flapping in the breeze. Upon his arrival at the embarking area for the chopper, one of the Marine escorts, a young two striper, stood rigidly at port arms attention (holding a hand salute), when his white dress hat hit the pavement rolling.

Without hesitation, the president took two or three athletic strides, scooped up the hat, and set it back in place upon the young man's bare head. Trump stood back and returned the salute, but the offending hat blew off again. The Chief Executive caught it once more, placed it on the still saluting corporal's head, and turned to go up the short stair into the body of the chopper.

President Trump was completely nonplussed during the whole incident, and acted as if this sort of thing was normal. What a class act.

Our president has matured quickly into a world leader. It is small happenings like this that show the true mettle of the man and the fact that he is in the vein of Ronald Reagan and other great US presidents of the past.


This is in opposition to how he is portrayed in the MSM. They focus on things like his annoying 'Tweets' and other electronic shenanigans, which should be thought of as tongue-in-cheek activities of a very active mind.


All these things seem to be working in a way that no one knows how to handle. Democrats are completely bumfuzzled; most Republicans are flummoxed by every turn of events.  Both parties seem at a loss as to where to go and what to do.



The only person in Washington who exhibits confidence and direction is the president. Maybe he can lead the houses of Congress out of the mess they have gotten themselves into.


Maybe he just needs to plant their hats firmly on their heads.