​Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another un-publicized growing menace has raised its ugly head. This news is presented to scare the hell out of you and give you another reason to oppose the free-form immigration that the left wants to allow.

Over the past few years, the amount of disease of a type we had eliminated in the United States has risen by 450% (WSJ). It seems that inoculations that citizens of the United States obtain de rigueur are not routinely given to people who are raised in other countries.

Surprise, Surprise.

Middle Eastern countries and other Third World locations allow children to grow up without being inoculated against those diseases that we have eliminated within the borders of the United States. When Americans are exposed to these diseases, some of them can spread like wildfire, because US citizens are no longer diligent about having their children inoculated against these common maladies that are no longer a worry, or so we have been led to believe.

The only reason that they are no longer a worry is the past success of our public health system.

The public health system is not a unified front anymore, though. Young parents no longer have the grounding of fear of these diseases that were once eradicated. This freedom from disease came about during my lifetime. When I was a child, there were major breakthroughs in prophylaxis and inoculation. The decade of the 1950s spelled the end of many major communicable diseases.

It was immediately after World War II, in the late 1940s, that the focus of medicine zeroed in on communicable diseases that had lived with humanity since time immemorial. This emphasis on these horrid diseases bore fruit: vaccines were produced for nearly all the major diseases in the 1950s and 1960s.

Over the years the emphasis has gone away from this effort. People have forgotten the awful consequences of having extant deadly types of sickness that had plagued (literally) humankind forever.

Virologists and other health professionals have been warning us for decades that these diseases could come back if we were not kept continuously alert to the danger. There are further dangers, also: the bugs (bacteria and viruses) that humanity bred during previous outbursts of communicable disease became resistant to the treatments. This selective breeding resulted in strains that no vaccination was developed to control; when the bug re-emerges, it is frequently of a different strain requiring a different medicine to eradicate. Sometimes the diseases that re-emerge are immune to the vaccines and require vastly stronger types of new vaccines: super-bugs.

This whole situation was bad enough, bred within the United States, but add to it the fact that many foreign countries do not even have a program of vaccination. And to that add that the number of illegals who were swarming over our borders – now reduced because of Trump-induced concern – have brought with them diseases that had been eliminated.

Their are many reasons that we need to protect our borders. But there is an urgent, deadly one that is not being publicised.