Sunday, July 22, 2018

House redesign has been my pastime for the past two weeks in between worrying about home theater replacement, RAM activities, and miscellaneous stuff that seems to take days to do a job that should take minutes. That phenomenon is part and parcel of being 72.

Having a design project has required me to break out the Microstation software which I haven't used for anything serious in many years. I worked a couple of hours every day trying to get some of the skills that I have not used back. It is a painfully slow process.

The agony of tiny steps toward the reacquisition of abilities long gone are making the process seem eternal. And then, yesterday, a reference file issue turned into a full-blown problem, and I had to reload the software. The jury is still out as to whether or not that fixed it.

In the meantime while talking to Mo, it became apparent that we had not defined the project very well, and I had run off with an assumption that we had never agreed upon. It was like being in Prof. Gieger's class all over again. He was right about an awful lot of things – it's a shame that he was such an ass hole.

She has a totally different expectation of life on the lake than I do, and a wide angle view of water is not her greatest desire.

So, a straightforward addition to the house, using the same design vocabulary as the rest of the house will suit her needs. This greatly simplifies my task and will result in a much more coherent, compact design. The problem now becomes designing a suitet for her.

It will require getting rid of the carport and replacing it with a freestanding carport or garage – I am leaning heavily toward a garage. The best thing about a redesign that radical is that it will make the best use of the site.

That is very good news. The use pattern of the house was getting pretty convoluted, but this new information lets me clean it up radically.