Sunday, July 08, 2018

There are hints of a ray of hope on the horizon. This morning's Fox News report had an interview with a bushy browed professor from Marquette University, who described the circumstances leading up to a ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court which upheld his First Amendment right to free speech.

Academia has been ruled by the loony left so long that they have assumed that restrictions on free speech were okay as long as the free speech in question were carefully maintained in the politically correct sphere. But, one step out of line with political orthodoxy was fair game for suppression. The Marquette case is an example of the steps that must be made to bring free speech back to college campuses.

The Marquette case has been going on for three or four years, so it is not a result of the Trump wave. The verdict, however, may be. It is a real shame that all that time and energy has been spent on a particularly obvious case of censorship.

Wisconsin has been a very liberal state for a very long time until Scott Walker became governor in 2011. Since then many things have changed, Mr. Walker survived a recall election in 2012, won reelection in 2014, and has proven to be a solid Republican performer.

But the universities in Wisconsin were entrenched liberal citadels. They still are. Marquette is challenging the state Supreme Court's ruling, and as a private university, Marquette has no absolute obligation to provide free speech rights on campus.

We will see what happens, but for now free speech is being upheld.