Thursday, January 18, 2018

Last night was the coldest that I can remember – when I turned on my computer to write this, it was 27°. The temperature has risen to a blistering 28°, and the high today is estimated to be in the mid-50s.


Maybe it will kill blind mosquitoes. 

I'm such an optimist!

Charles Krauthammer is back. He has been out of action for nearly a year. He is one of my favorite commentators who appears regularly, or use to, on Fox News.


His article can be read here.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

it is the beginning of another very un-Florida like week. Last night's low was in the low 30s, but not quite freezing. The winter so far up north has been awful. Temperatures in some places in Minnesota have been colder than -30. I'm certainly glad that I've never had to face that kind of thing even in my year in Alaska.


Shemya never got below 18°. However, if you add wind-chill into it, the temperature was way below zero. Shemya was a different kind of cold.

I am very late posting this week's commentary. It is actually Monday of the above week, Martin Luther King's birthday Monday. The Wall Street Journal published on Friday two editorial columns commemorating that day here, and here. Those articles are about black people and I guess it's the Wall Street Journal's way of commemorating MLK.

The column I submitted to Scragged today had the de rigueur obeisance to Martin Luther King's legacy, but I can't help but remember that he was an avowed communist and was in favor of doing whatever was necessary to advance his cause. His speeches and writings included more than civil disobedience: he advocated violent overthrow of the US government.


That aspect of his philosophy has been played down to the extent that it is hard to find the things he wrote encouraging such behavior. The Black Panther party was really not too far from his core beliefs. Even if those things had been known widely, there probably would not have been very much difference in the attitudes of people around him. As it was, his followers adulated him and his enemies wanted him dead. General knowledge of his socialist politics would not have made much difference in the attitudes that the public held.