Sunday, February 04, 2018

Have Democrats produced a constitutional crisis, the depths of which exceed Watergate? This is a rumor that is being bandied about. Friday's Wall Street Journal had the excellent Kimberly Strassel opining that there are several things we should be looking for in the near future.

Nobody knows, or at least no one is telling, what the result will be. We can only surmise: will James Comey get backed into a corner? Will Robert Mueller be taken to task? Will Hillary hear the cell door slam behind her?

As much as we might like the answer to those questions to be yes, we doubt seriously that any of that will happen. Some far lower denizens of the Democrat miscreants are probably the best we can hope for.

Democrats are trying the famous legal defense of deny, deny, deny. That is what my old friend Asa Hoke advised if the alternatives had all run out. We will see that eventuality come about – of that I'm relatively sure.

Our opposition – the MSM and the Democrat party – has become completely unhinged and irrational. Checking in to a broadcast by CNN, for instance, does not provide comedy relief anymore; nothing they say is funny, not even in an ironic sense. Their protestations and made up stories have the sense of desperation about them that is brought about by a realization that they are fundamentally wrong.

This has become obvious, even to  Representative Adam Schiff, that excuse-maker extraordinaire, who has learned shape-shifting worthy of a villain in a science fiction novel. His appearances on the news take on a feeling of unreality brought on by the excuse making that has become an exercise in self-contradiction.

We are awaiting further revelations, but not with bated breath – we would succumb to oxygen deprivation before any truths are known.