Sunday, March 31, 2019


Same situation, new location. I am now a resident of a nursing home. A nursing home!

Never in my wildest imaginings would that become my fate. My apartment is small, but it's also quite expensive. It is located in the mega-development of Oak-bridge west of South Florida Avenue in Lakeland, and was begun development in the early 1990s. John Tyler once lived here, and Dane Hart, and other Publix figures.

The progression from Lake Agnes to here was a long and eventful one, not in the usual sense of big happenings, but in the sense of cataclysmic change.

About January 2 or 3, I was released from the Florida Presbyterian Home from which venue I endeavored to make a go of it with a full-time housekeeper at home. This arrangement lasted less than one week, when I managed to break four ribs and two vertebra in a rather casual fall that would have done no damage whatsoever in a past life.

It sounds a lot worse than it was – the pain I experienced was short and fleeting. But, Mo lost confidence in my ability to take care myself, and she went searching for a more suitable environment for me. I went to Valencia Hills, where I had done my recovery in 08, but it had gone very far down the hill, and was no longer acceptable as a place to stay, with no private rooms or baths.

My great good fortune was the discovery by Mo of Scott Lake. A brand new facility, Scott Lake was introducing new ideas into the nursing home market, and was attracting talented staff, which I was able to use to my great advantage during the time I was there.

So now, I have found (Mo found) my current residence in the Oak-bridge development at the home where I now live: a one bedroom small apartment.


I have maintained my relationship with Scragged, having submitted three articles since the time of the stroke; this is far less than regular output, but is what I have been able to do.I find that continuing this work helps to keep me sane and aware of my surroundings.

I intend to keep up the column and this blog; those two things may keep me in the real world. My architectural practice is probably going to be pretty much abandoned. I will continue my registration as long as I can, but I no longer feel competent to be a practitioner of commercial architecture.

On that happy note, I will wrap up this days writing.