Saturday, January 14, 2017
A new level, if that's possible, has been reached by the enviro-wackos.

It pervades.

Questioning for all nominees to the president's cabinet leads to environmental concerns. Nominees who do not have now, nor will in the future, any responsibilities for environmental regulation compliance or any other relevant responsibilities are being asked to justify themselves regarding flawed environmental perceptions.
This idiocy has become pervasive. People, like Elizabeth Warren, who only have a nodding acquaintance with the environmental BS, are asking potential cabinet members to justify their existence based upon some imaginary compliance with unproven climate standards.
Utter nonsense.
The nominee who will head the Environmental Protection Agency will be interviewed next week. His background is strong in actually protecting the environment. But, of course, that will make absolutely no difference to the self-appointed guardians of dung beetles or to the Democrat party.
There is a link to a Wall Street Journal editorial above, "Climate Intelligence Agency."
Friday, January 13, 2017
Happy Friday the 13th
Donald Trump is building his cabinet and staff in a way that seems to me to be a perfectly normal selection process. Yet to hear or read about his selections for the cabinet, one would think that a series of mythical monsters were being brought to life: cacophony reigns in the hearing rooms of the Senate where the candidates for the cabinet positions are being interviewed.

From today's WSJ, concerning Gen. Mattis:

Mr. Trump has gone out of his way to praise Vladimir Putin and suggest the U.S. and Russia can find a new and better relationship.

Gen. Mattis offered a more skeptical view. “I’m all for engagement, but we also have to recognize reality and what Russia is up to,” he told the Senators. “There are a decreasing number of areas where we can engage cooperatively and an increasing number of areas in which we will have to confront Russia.”

The prevailing informed knowledge is that the nominees are all at odds with Donald Trump and each other. This is dutifully pointed out in excruciating detail and in as many instances as possible.

It is all being done by the press to attest to how horrifically Donald Trump is mishandling the process of appointing his cabinet.

A high school class president could do a better job picking his retinue of aides.

The press is really ticked off that it is Donald Trump who is doing the picking of the cabinet. A far better qualified individual, Jeb Bush for instance, would provide a more unified and collegial group of individuals as nominees.


Without exception, Trump's nominees for the cabinet posts are superlative individuals, who in all probability will perform their duties in their allotted departments with skill and dexterity. They disagree about some minor details, which is a certain indicator in previous administrations that we had too many cooks in the kitchen.


I think that's the way Donald Trump wants it. He wants to get many disparate viewpoints on any given situation.

It is the press and the Democrats who are the ones lacking the ability to grasp the relevant philosophy. They are completely bumfuzzled by these Donald Trump selections.


Their little minds have been blown, just as surely as any 1960s acid tripper.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Events have been building, and I'm going to try my hand at a more involved analysis than what I usually take on. What I'm going to analyze is the actions and intent of the Democrat party and how Donald Trump will probably succeed against them.
I have been observing for years that one of the main emphases of the Democrats and of the compliant news media is to bring up subjects which are relevant only to a small portion of the population, and thus divert the focus of Republican efforts away from getting their job done.
This makes their work take longer; diversion ensures that some tasks will fall by the wayside; concentration on small tasks means that larger ones will not get the attention they need.

Some examples of the effort to do this: the use of bathrooms by transsexuals,the electoral college flap, Schumer's threat, and the Russian interference scandal. These disparate issues and others will all be used to enhance confusion and to direct attention of the news, the public, and the Republican participants in the change of government away from effecting that change. 
The electoral college had been selected and set firm in most states, enough to guarantee that Donald Trump would win the presidency. But the news media was able to monopolize the content of the reportage dealing with the issue of some electors who had said they were going to defect from the candidate to whom they were pledged.
This was characterized in the media as being a widespread phenomenon, while in fact it was one or two electors. I don't even know how it turned out, but the electoral college did its job, and Donald Trump will be inaugurated January 20th.
In another brouhaha, the transsexual bathroom issue, has actually turned out to be a controversy, and three more states have joined North Carolina in making a stand on who has the right to pee and where. This may actually turn out to be a cause that makes it to the voting booth in those states.

In other states, however, the voters have correctly seen that this is a silly waste of time and taxpayer money with little benefit for anyone.

But, again, the Democrat party and the news media have occupied large blocks of news time with it.
In the next set of issues, Senator Schumer has stated that the confirmation process of Donald Trump's cabinet is going to be extended as long as possible by Senate Democrats tying up the system with unnamed stalling tactics. Again, the purpose of this is to introduce as much confusion and lack of focus into Dem opponents minds as is possible.
Another controversy has arisen about a Russian attempt to sway the election – this is utter nonsense. The US has known about this for many years, since right after Obama took office. Chinese, North Koreans, and other malefactors have been trying to crack codes and get intelligence about the US. There is nothing new or alarming here, but the news broadcasts are spending a large portion of their time dealing with this non-event.
Yet Obama and Democrats act as if the sky is falling and that cracks in the blue started being evident sometime in December. Help, fright, emergency, emergency.
The whole view of Dem opposition when these things are taken together becomes clear. Democrats and their allies in the media have a  purpose. This purpose is planned by Democrats to diffuse the efforts of Donald Trump and the Republicans. It is to reduce their effectiveness in dealing with the more important policy decisions that need attention. The effort by Dems takes up all the time of the news cycle, guaranteeing that important issues never get the focus they deserve. 
Again, the purpose of this is to introduce as much confusion and lack of focus into their opponents minds as it is possible to do.
Democrats play the game this way because it is all they can do. It's the only game left to them. They have lost. Their purpose now has become the disruption of the government so that Republicans become losers too.
I think that Donald Trump sees through this ploy. His natural inclination, though, is to respond in kind, and attack these petty annoyances for what they are. That kind of reactive strategy works when the number of issues is relatively few, and the fate of the nation is not at stake.
I hope that Trump will not take the bait. I hope that he will stick to his strategy and deal with the tactical issues by delegating them  to his capable subordinates in the cabinet. [a strategy can contain many tactics; I always think in Air Force terms of Strategic Air Command – bombers, versus Tactical Air Command – fighters. Look up the difference between strategy and tactics if you're interested.]
I have seen Trump's battle plan undergo changes during the election when he beat other Republicans, and then a radical shift in his strategy occurred after he beat Hillary. These were the correct maneuvers, but the future will require more of the same type of actions, coordinated to make him able to keep his focus  on his strategy, which must be, in the short term, to get that well chosen cabinet in place.

Dems won't act rationally. Gone are the days of the loyal opposition that Ronald Reagan faced. The press and the Democrats are enemies of ours; The founding documents of the US list enemies both foreign and domestic.

Donald Trump must never forget this.
I'll bet he won't.